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Personalized Gift Ideas for Babies

Poushali Ganguly Jun 18, 2019
Personalized gifts are your best bet, specially when you want to present something to a baby born in a family you consider very close. Here, we'll give you several gift ideas that will help you create the perfect personalized gift. Check them out!
You can go about making personalized gifts or get them made from a gift shop. Presenting the baby with a personalized gift is a great idea as it can serve as a memento in the future.
Some of the basic ideas you can opt for are, using the baby's birthdate, birth time, or initials, and engrave them on a gift of your choice. Personalizing a gift like this is your best bet when you're looking for last-minute gifting options. Mentioned here, are a few ideas that you can use to create a personalized gift of your choice.

What You Can Personalize

Everyday Bag

Select a medium-sized bag and get the name of the baby engraved on it. You can choose the color of this bag depending on the gender of the baby.
Since gifting etiquette demands that you never gift an empty bag, fill this one with something for the baby. Pacifiers, bibs, toys, etc., are easy to buy and gift.

Picture Frame

Gifting a picture frame is perhaps cliché, but you can just never go wrong with this one. Depending on your budget, pick up a frame that is stylish.
Buy a frame that is designed beautifully, rather than concentrating on size. If you are very close to the family, also arrange for a family picture with the baby. How will you personalize it? Write the date and time on the frame (better if you can get it engraved), and your name.

A Baby Book

You might want to present this gift to the parents just after the baby is born. A baby book includes details of the baby from the first few months of his/her life.
For example, it has spaces for hand and footprints. The whole idea is to gift the baby a book personalized just for him/her, something he/she can treasure for life.


Buy the baby a small photo locket. Add a picture of the parents and the baby in it and gift it to the baby. Get the date engraved on the locket. Also, add a small personal message for the baby in it. When he/she grows up, it'll be a really nice gift to treasure.
Apart from these ideas, you can also use the baby's zodiac sign and respective traits to make something meaningful. Personalized gifts for babies are many; remember, it's all about doing something unique with them.