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Gift Basket Ideas for Newborn Babies

Maya Pillai Mar 14, 2019
Gift baskets are your best bet when you want to gift something that is not-so-cliche. You can personalize and/or customize a gift basket on your own to make a unique gift. Use the given ideas to prepare a gift basket for a newborn baby.
Gift baskets are not only easy to prepare, but also reduce your confusion. Instead of zeroing in on just one gift, you can combine several small gifts and present them together.
While personalized gift baskets are easily available in most gifting shops, you can also buy just the basket and customize it yourself, by adding things made at home. We've listed several gift ideas for you here; you can include things you like. Check them out!


Toiletries are products used in the personal grooming or dressing of the newborn.
These include, diapers, cotton swabs, lotions, creams, shampoo, conditioner, talcum powder, wet wipes, etc. These products are required frequently when the child is just a baby. Gifting these is an intelligent thing to do as the parents are surely going to find them useful.


Apart from toiletries, parents also require other essentials such as bibs, blankets, socks, caps, pacifiers, and napkins.
It is advised you do not gift clothes, as the baby is going to outgrow them sooner than expected. Since you're including these in a gift basket, you can add just one blanket, to make space for other things.


Toys make for the best part of a gift basket; you can never go wrong with them. Tub toys can be useful till the child turns 4-5 years old.
If it's a baby boy, you can gift toys like cars or motorbikes, and if it's a girl, you can opt for toys like dolls. Crib toys and attachments are another great idea. If you don't have time to buy many small gifts, you can buy a single crib aquarium that can be used for a couple of years at least.


No gift basket is complete without chocolates. Though the baby isn't going to eat any of these, this gift is for the parents too, isn't it?
Add assorted chocolates to the gift basket once you've put all the other gifts in it. Make sure you add as many different chocolates as possible.

Something Made at Home

It is always a nice gesture to add something you've made at home. This can be anything from homemade cookies and brownies, to a knitted sweater or blanket.
This will give your gift a personal touch; something that will be remembered among all the other gifts. While knitting something will take time, baking something won't.
Individually wrap all the gifts and place them neatly in a wicker basket. Complete the look of this basket with nice ribbons and you're done!