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Movie Gift Basket Ideas

Sujata Iyer Mar 12, 2019
Let's see some ideas of a movie gift basket that you can incorporate into a gift that you're planning to give someone. Just remember to find out the type of movies that the person in question likes to watch. Have fun!
Gift baskets are one of the most popular gift ideas that people opt for, and for good reason. A gift basket gives you the opportunity to combine a lot of little gifts and present them in a very stylish and attractive manner. Movie buffs can be given movie gift baskets and they'll never forget it!
You can order movie gift baskets online from various websites which provide the service. However, making one yourself is definitely more personal and shows the effort that you put into getting the gift. Here we will give you some unique ideas that revolve around movies. Read them and take your pick!


This one's for the boys! It's a great gift basket idea especially if the person is an avid movie buff. For a boy who loves his action movies, you can have a collection of some really heavy-duty, action packed thrillers included in a square box, with action heroes' pictures stuck on it.
Try to get your hands on a movie series that he likes. That will make the gift even more special. Along with the movies, you can also include the movie merchandise, if you can get your hands on some. Movie posters are a great addition to gift basket. Throw in some energy bars to munch on with the movies and the memorabilia.


If you and your girlfriend have planned to spend a quiet weekend at home, watching some good old romantic movies, then how about surprising her with an ultra romantic dinner and a movie gift basket?
For this, you'll need a pretty wicker basket with a ribbon, a list of her favorite romantic movies or those that she hasn't watched, some wine, a couple of soft throw pillows, chocolate cake, and the creativity to write a love note and attach it to every movie DVD. Put all of these together in the pretty basket and land up at her doorstep. She'll love it!

Chick Flicks

So, a night in with the girls is in order, and you don't know what to give your hostess friend, eh? Well, a movie themed gift basket is a sure winner anytime! Take a vote and you girls can decide on some of the all time favorite and most awesome chick flicks ever made.
Pick them up from the store, along with a whole night's supply of ice cream and put them in a pretty cloth bag. Make it an early evening and while away the entire night watching the movies with your girls. There's little that can top a movie night with girlfriends!


If the person you need to gift is a fan of drama movies, then you can give him or her a brilliant drama based movie gift basket. Except the basket in this case can be a very serious looking, yet stylish, suitcase with a ribbon tied across it!
Along with the movie DVDs, you can also throw in a pack of tissues, some popcorn and some delicious candy too! Alternatively, you can also include some alcohol that the person likes in the basket. Don't forget to carry the appropriate glasses for the alcohol too.


Giving a comedy themed movie gift basket is a great idea for the holiday season. This is because comedy is a genre that the entire family can enjoy together. If it's a collection of animated movies, even better!
Apart from the movie DVDs, you can throw in items for the entire family like popcorn, candy, cake, cookies, juice cartons, marshmallows, throw pillows, sandwiches, etc. You can fix up a white screen and a projector in the garden and have a barbecue outdoors while the entire family watches the movie too!
Giving a movie gift basket to someone who truly loves and appreciates movies is one of the best gift ideas ever. It's personal, it's sentimental, and most important of all, it's entertaining. Put your creativity to work by including other stuff in the basket. So, either get one ordered or assemble one yourself and watch as they enjoy your gift.