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Ultimate Mother-in-Law Gifts

Aastha Dogra Oct 23, 2018
Planning to gift something unique to your mother-in-law? Here are some interesting ideas on the same.
Mother in laws and daughter in laws share a strange relationship. Either they simply love each other or they can not even stand within one arm distance of each other!
We have seen many a daughter-in-law, working their brains overtime, thinking of ways to either impress their mother-in-law or ways to get rid of them!
Whatever might be your case, if you plan to give your mother-in-law a gift on her birthday or anniversary, make sure that it is special and unique. (Believe us, even if she does not like it, your husband will appreciate your effort). Below are some interesting ideas which you can consider too.

Spa Voucher

Looking for unique mother-in-law gifts, then a good idea is to gift her with a spa voucher. All women love it when they are pampered and taken care off. A visit to a spa will help her relax and unwind. It will surely lift her spirits and a relaxed mother-in-law is any day better. So, go indulge her senses by gifting her voucher to a spa.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets make for great gifts. When somebody says gift baskets, baskets with fruits and chocolates come in front of our eyes. But, this is not what we recommend. Instead give these baskets an interesting twist, by including clothes, makeup kits, etc., in them.
Just observe what kind of clothes or cosmetics she likes, and accordingly choose the ones to be included in the basket. Wrap each item individually and place them in the basket. When your mother-in-law opens each and every item, the delight on her face will be unmatchable.


A weekend getaway! Yup, it is one of the best gifts, especially if she lives with you. On a serious note, women usually are busy throughout their lives caring for their near and dear ones, very rarely getting time to enjoy or taking care of themselves.
So, add spice to her life, by sending her on a weekend getaway to some far away mountains or a sunny sea-side. A great idea would be to plan and arrange for a second honeymoon for your in-laws!

Cook for Her

Want to come in your mother-in-law's good books? If yes, then cook a meal for her. And if you do plan to cook for her, make sure you know about her favorite dishes so that they can be included in the meal.
You can take your husband's help if you do not know her favorites yourself. Icing on the cake would be, yeah, the cake itself, home-baked by you, especially for her.

Handmade Gifts

If your mother-in-law and you are really close, and you want to show her how much you love and appreciate her, then a good idea would be to make a gift yourself for her at home. You can make jewelry for her using beads, colored glass, shells, and strings.
If you know her birthstone, then make a necklace with beads and her birthstone as pendant in the middle. If this seems too time-consuming and complicated for you, then a simple homemade gift idea is to make a beautiful card for her.
Although a card seems too 'small' to be considered as a gift, if you express your emotions in it, by writing what she means to you, why she is so special, etc., it will be appreciated more than any other gift.
Gifts such as the ones mentioned above, are a good way to break the ice between you two. If you choose the gift with care or if you plan to make it yourself, your love and concern will surely win her heart.