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Monogrammed Gifts for Men

Aastha Dogra Feb 6, 2019
Monogrammed items make a personal statement. Gift them to any man to make him feel unique and special. Here we enlist some of the best things to get monogrammed.
Without a doubt your father, husband, boyfriend, and brother are one in a million, and they deserve a special gift. Monogrammed gifts are great choices since they are unique and you can guarantee that nobody else will have the same thing.

Beer Mugs

If your man enjoys a beer while watching a football game with his friends, you can consider getting him large beer mugs which have his initials imprinted on them. He will be thrilled to show them off to his friends the next time they are over for a boy's night.

Business Card Holder

For men who are running their own business, monogrammed business card holders are a good choice. Card holders in silver look extremely classy, so you can give him one of these. You can even consider having his name monogrammed in crystal.


For an avid book reader, find his favorite author, get a first edition of his favorite book, and if possible, get it signed by the author too. Get this book monogrammed and present it to your man. He will be thrilled when he finds out how far you went just to please him.


Accessories such as cufflinks or bracelets can be personalized. Men can flaunt these monogrammed accessories at a social event and make a style statement of their own. You could also get watches which have their names inscribed on them.

Photo Frame

Photo frames make for the best monogrammed presents on occasions such as father's day or your father's birthday. Inside the frame, you can put a photograph clicked on an occasion or holiday that you two enjoyed. This gift is sure to bring back some happy memories.

Golf Clubs

For men who enjoy a game of golf with their friends, you can consider giving them golf clubs with their initials on it. Likewise, if your man is a soccer fan, you can get the jersey of his favorite team with his initials. Sports gifts are always appreciated.

CD Case Holder

Youngsters these days take pride in owning things that set them apart from the rest. A CD case holder with the young man's initials printed on it is a great choice for students.
Monogrammed gifts are a favorite with most men, irrespective of their age, profession, or lifestyle. So arrange for a personalized gift, there is nothing else that would appeal to them more.