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Long Distance Relationship Gifts That'll Completely Floor Her

Long Distance Relationship Gifts for Her
Genuine love, concern and constant communication - these are the best long distance relationship gifts that you can give to your girlfriend. Read on to know some unique gift ideas for her...
GiftinGlory Staff
Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018
Hand-painted T-shirt!
t-shirt for woman
Men are always accused by their women of being selfish and lazy! So, to break this myth, make a gift yourself for your gal. How about a funky hand painted t-shirt? Search the Internet and note down some beautiful, poetic love phrases or quotes.
Paint these on the t-shirt, along with some romantic graphics like a heart or a boy and a girl kissing. Send this to your gal and believe me, she will be thrilled to see the efforts you took in making the gift yourself!
bouquet of red flowers
Women simply love flowers! So, send her a large bouquet of red roses at her college or workplace. Order it on the Internet or take help from a friend or acquaintance. If you can send her a number of bouquets, one after the other, then there is nothing like it!
Just imagine the smile on her face, every time she receives flowers out of the blue! If you are able to pull this off, you can be sure that your gal feels loved and cared for, even from a distance!
Love Letters!
love letter
One of the most cherished gifts for her is to write her love letters and send them every few days. Although, you might be communicating through emails, yet love letters are more personal.
love letter
Communicate your true feelings for her through these letters. Tell her how you spend your day, people that you meet and most of all, how much you miss her! These letters will make her feel that she is near you and is a part of your new environment. It will definitely enhance the connection between you two!
happy couple with present and flowers
If it's a special day, such as the valentine's day or your girlfriend's birthday, the best gift that you can ever give her is to show up at her place and surprise her! Make a short trip and be with her on the special day.
Valentine's Day Brief
Plan a romantic dinner in the evening at her favorite restaurant. Woo her with flowers, chocolates and your passionate kisses. It is special moments like these that make a relationship tick!
Teddy Bear!
Cute teddy bear
For those of you who are looking for some thoughtful gift ideas, then this one fits the bill perfectly.
Toy Teddy Bear
Send your girlfriend a huge, cuddly teddy bear! Tell her that she can hug him whenever she misses you. A warm lovable teddy for company, in your absence, is sure to make your girl feel comforted and cared for!
Love Blog!
love blog
Create a love blog and dedicate it to your girl. Every day, post a message for your beloved on it. On a special occasion, add photographs of both of you or create videos to express your love, post them on the blog. She will surely enjoy such fun and romantic gifts from you.