Loving and Thoughtful Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Long-distance Relationship Gifts
Thinking of gifts in a long distance relationship can be a challenging task. So here are a few long distance relationship gifts' ideas for you.
GiftinGlory Staff
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2018
Many people find it difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship. However, it is quite simple if you have trust on your partner. The only problem in such relationships is that you just can't stop missing him.
Especially when some special days like Valentine's day are around and your partner is not with you, then nothing on this Earth can make you smile or even distract you. In such cases, to lessen that void, one can send some gifts.
Effective Ideas
Loving couples
This is one of the favorites of many. When you are away from each other, you miss each and everything that you did together. The feeling makes you depressed.
Sometimes, you miss that special someone so much that you miss him, even when you go across the streets where you both met. So, why not make your partner feel special by collecting all those photos and sending him?
Slides 6x6 on light box
Take pictures of every place, which means something to you both, and don't just select photos of places; instead, select the ones containing both of you in those places. Write a cute message under each photo. Maybe, special memory of each place, and remember, it can be a fight also.
Love Letters
Love letter with rose
In today's age of net and instant messages, love letters have become a bygone. But, they are one of the best ways to convey your feelings. If you do not know how to write one, do not worry. The letter does not necessarily need to be poetic.
In fact, it should be simple; something that reflects your personality. Write as much as you can. Put your trademark perfume on it and post it. Instead of writing all the letters on one day, note down the first few feelings that come to your mind when you start missing him.
Do the same thing every day. The day before sending the letters, just rearrange all your notes and send them. The letter is sure to be intense, as when the feeling of missing someone starts, it is undoubtedly very touching.
Memory Box
Box filled with memories
If your partner is missing you a lot, make him feel close to you by sending him all the things that mean "you" like your perfume, your photo, old movie tickets, your t-shirt, etc. He will surely feel close to you. Ask him to send the same kind of gifts to you, too.
Personalized Art Prints
Personalized Art Prints
These are nothing but simple frames, which contain photos of common places like parks, lanes, streets, etc. You can embed your special memory on the top of these photos.
Village In Italy
But, this is not it; as the name suggests, these frames keep on moving as they are in the form of a slideshow. You can also write messages on the top of those photos like "we met here for the first time," etc. These will help cherish your memories forever.
You also have a choice here, as you actually choose what should be embedded in your frame. There are also digital photo watches, which also have the facility of keeping the photos moving.
These gifts will not only make your partner feel happy but also prove that distance doesn't matter when you are emotionally close.