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You'll Instantly Love These Awesome Bottle Label Design Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Mar 17, 2019
A lot of people like to give personalized gifts to other people, or just like to have custom-made things at home. One such great idea is to have personalized labels for bottles of water and wine. Read to know about creating and designing one.
Labels for bottles are a common practice as they display the brand or company a particular drink is a part of. But, how would you like it if they carried your name, instead of the brand's name? There are many ideas for getting personal labels as gifts for others.
Many people like to give them as a memory on farewells and to say goodbye. It's not necessary that you have to get them made from some place or a custom shop; you can make them on your own, even at home. These wine and water bottles, with customized names are also presented as favors and take away at many functions and events.
You can also use them if you've made your own wine and want to gift it to someone special. Find some more of such unique ideas regarding the same here.

Designs To Consider

With many innovative ideas, you can create your own labels; most of them always have names of the owners. They are nothing but the printed ones, which can be made either in a shop or at home if you know how to go about it.
If you have an interest of making your own wines and other drinks, you should always label them as they give you a sense of pride. They also look good, when you give them your own personalized touch, with the colors and words of your choice. To help you with these ideas, we have a few creative ones, which you can choose from.


One of the best and most widely used designs is the idea with names. You can have two scenarios where you can print a label with names, which are: if you are either promoting your own wine product, or you are presenting a branded wine bottle to someone as a gift.
For this design, you can come with phrases like "To (name), With love", "Best wishes to (names)", "Kevin and Laura", etc. Like the names used for gifting the wines, you can also put your own name, with creative styles to promote them.
When you put someone's name on a wine bottle and gift it to someone special, he/she will surely cherish it throughout life, and always remember you for it. These custom labels are unique and great gifts; in fact, they are better than the usual ones.

Bumper Stickers

Another great idea is to make funny, as well as phrase sticker labels for your wines. Some people like to be funny and cute with all their ideas. So, when you are making them, use your imagination.
You can have phrases like "Have a nice day", "Congratulations", "Amy's Wine", "Keep Smiling", etc., also as a choice. Funny quotes and sayings, touching quotes, and other punchlines, which are some of your favorites, can also be made into these attractive bumper stickers, and stuck on the bottles.
Thus, these personalized labels are not only the greatest gift idea you can come up with, but you can also have one of these made for yourself, too. They will definitely make you feel special.