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Inspirational Gift Ideas

Poushali Ganguly Apr 19, 2019
If you want to gift your near and dear ones with something that will inspire them, here are some inspirational gift ideas for you.
It is often said that time, unconditional love, and acceptance are the greatest gifts one can give to their loved ones, something material always remains as a remembrance and memento.
Here are some gift ideas that are different from the conventional ones, and in a way inspire the receiver. Inspirational gifts leave a mark on the receiver's mind since it encourages him or her to endeavor for something great.

Gift Ideas

You can gift a beautiful jar with 365 messages in it for each day of the year. So whenever the person you gifted the jar opens it and reads the messages, he or she would feel loved.
You can also gift something that shows a man's resolute courage, strength, and determination to achieve success like an alloy figurine trying to push a steel chime up a mountain-shaped crystal.
Gift a glass block that has the person's name in blocks and the meaning of the name written underneath.
A bracelet can also be gifted with an inspirational inscription engraved on it like "Life is a journey, not a destination" which would be like a reminder that every moment of life should be enjoyed.
You can also gift a stand and a whole bunch of quote cards so that everyday, a new quote card can be put up on the stand and that should be inspirational.
A courage necklace would also be a good option with the Chinese proverb engraved on it, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
Gift a calendar this New Year that would be very motivating with quotes, humorous anecdotes, and inspirational encouragement.
A ring can also be given with a personalized message engraved on it.
A candleholder is also a good idea with a message engraved on it. This gift would last longer and would always remind people of you.
An affirmation ball is also a nice inspirational gift. With the smiley ball come 20 inspirational messages, which make you feel happy always.
You can also gift a laminated piece of wood that would have a message printed on it like an inspirational quote.
You can also choose a silver pendant on which some inspirational message would be engraved like Thoreau's message, "Live the life you have imagined"
Choose a very beautifully decorated box, preferably a hand painted crystal-studded box that would have all kinds of small goodies.
You can also opt for a wall hanging that can be a very good gift for older people. On a hand-embroidered vintage looking cloth with the look of old time and feel, you might write about what you recognize as their strength and courage. Such recognition by the younger generation matters a lot to the older people.
A four-moods Buddha is also a very good option since it has four faces of Buddha with different expressions and you can turn the head towards that mood which you are in or you want to get out of.