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18 Inexpensive Gift Ideas to Appreciate Volunteers

18 Inexpensive Gift Ideas to Appreciate Volunteers
Thanking volunteers for all the work they do, and the selfless service they render to your organization, is just a small way to repay their kindness. GiftinGlory brings you inexpensive gift ideas to appreciate their acts of generosity.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
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Volunteer Recognition Day falls on April 20, while the International Volunteer Day falls on December 05, this year.
Volunteers are those kind souls who offer to help out with tasks at hand without expecting anything in return. It makes sense to say, they give their all, without ever thinking about personal gain. It is imperative then, for you to grab every possible opportunity to thank as well as motivate your volunteers for their work towards your organization.

Well, it's not like these volunteers expect something in return for all that they do, but even a handmade card saying "Thank you" goes a long way to make them feel appreciated. We aren't saying you need to spend big to appease your volunteers, but tiny, yet meaningful, gifts will surely make their day. A puzzle, like the one shown in the image on the right, makes a meaningful gift option when you have literally run out of ideas. Besides, a puzzle conveys the message that they are an essential part of the organization.

Given below are gift ideas that will bring a smile on your precious volunteers' face as well as go relatively easy on your pocket.
Oven Mitts
Colored mitts
For all those parent volunteers who help you bake for class events and parties, oven mitts makes a perfect gift. You could pair the oven mitts with a couple of mixing spoons, baking liners, and mixes to make a unique gift basket to appreciate them for their helping hand.
Potted plants
Your organization is growing steadily under your volunteers' care and guidance, it makes sense to appreciate their service with planters or seed packets. You could make it even more special by hand painting the pots in which you place the planters or seed packets.
Seasons Greetings
Salt shaker
Volunteers are the salt/seasoning that bring flavor to your work. Make it known to them that they are simply priceless with a gift of salt and pepper shakers.
Cookie Jar
Cookie jar
Believe it or not, volunteers come in at a time when you are in a crunch, and they save you from crumbling. Make them feel appreciated and motivated with a jar of freshly-baked cookies.
Bird Feeders
Bird feeder
There are some individuals who not only help you feed the deprived but also pool in their resources to help you with your finances. A gift befitting their selfless service should be one that reminds them of their work. A bird feeder in that sense makes a perfect gift for such individuals.
Candle Holders
Candle holders
It's amazing how they are always there to help you shine, always ready to lift you up whenever you need a helping hand. Volunteers are definitely like candle holders, providing a comfortable base for you to stand firm. A candle holder then, becomes the perfect gift for such individuals.
Permanent Markers
Permanent markers
Their silent presence makes a world of difference to you and to your organization. Permanent markers can be your silent seal to appreciate their voluntary service.
Flashlight and thought
Honor the visionaries and those that often help you achieve more than you ventured out to, with a gift that says it all. Portable flashlights, torch lights or string lights are some of the gifts that you can gift them.
Gifts and potpourri
Their presence in your organization is reminiscent of soothing scents. Make them feel special with a sachet or box of specially selected potpourri.
Hand fan
Ever observed how a handhold fan comes in handy during those hot and sweltering days, to provide respite from the scorching heat. Volunteers are just like that, who provide you relief when you are the hardest hit. Decorative, yet sturdy fans are sure to make them feel special.
Chocolate Coins
Chocolate coins
Chocolate gold coins are not just dressy, but are capable of conveying a very warm message to whoever receives it. This just makes it our best option when you have run out of ideas to present your volunteers for their selfless service.
Thyme in jar
Time is the most precious gift of all, and that is what they are offering you without expecting anything in return. A gift of thyme, both fresh and dry can send across the message of how grateful you for their invaluable gift to you and your organization.
Popcorn and Movie Tickets
Popcorn box
Watching a movie is always a great way to refresh the senses. Which is why, a gift of popcorn box with a couple of movie tickets will seal the job for you.
Honey in jar
Kindness, like honey, only flows to make everything in its path sweet. A jar of organic or pure honey should do the trick here.
Soda Bottle
Soda bottles
Volunteers are like soda bubbles, bubbly yet powerful. Their presence can make you rise like dough. A crate or a personal soda bottle should make a wonderful gift.
Jam Jar
Jam jars and berries
Jams are a perfect blend of sweetness, tartness, and tanginess. Which is why, a bottle of jar is symbolic of a volunteer's presence in your organization.
Candles and thought in bulb
They are truly the light when you need them. Need I say any more about how their light makes a difference.
Other gifts include frames, scrolls, keepsake CD, chocolates, shirts, digital photo frames, and place mats. Do remember to write in a personalized card to say how grateful you are for all that they do.