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Expert Suggestions: How to Select Men's Cologne Appropriately

How to Select Men's Cologne
To create a 'scent'sual aroma, there's nothing quite like gifting a cologne to your man. But when there are so many to choose from, the choice becomes all the more difficult. Well, aren't you the lucky one to have stumbled upon this page?
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Oh, the vagaries of male mind! The moment you realize you know them totally, they turn into a different, different species. And you thought it's we, women who're mystifying and baffling? Hah, didn't you just contradict the very statement that men are an open book just by dropping down on this page, only to figure out how to select men's cologne? Well, happens. Whether it is a cologne or a car, you really cannot tell what strikes the psyche of males, and what is it that could actually make them go weak on their knees. So, to ease up your situation a bit, as well as for the purpose of this article, a few pointers that I've pitched in here might help you select the best fragrance for the man in your life. Now, personally, I dread gifting perfumes, deodorants, fragrances, and all-things-on-earth-that-produce-an-individual-odor, since, I'm aware of the very fact that every person has their own set of nostrils, that is to say, their own individual taste (I, eventually, dropped the idea of gifting a cologne!). But if your mind doesn't allow you to switch to anything else, you might as well give a read to the following words.
What's His Personality Like?
If he has hots for Vin Diesel, there's a different set of colognes for men with extreme personality. However, if he admires Edward Cullen (arr!) instead, you need to look for colognes on a different shelf. For example, if the guy is one of those rugged kinds with a macho personality, you could go for Tom Ford Azure Lime that smells woody and musky. On the other hand, a Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight In Paris does the tricks for those with subtle, softer personalities. Moreover, you could pick up the latest treatises of any of the chosen cologne brands, if he is trendy and loves to own the newest items on the block. In a nutshell, whichever cologne you choose, pick it up with his personality in mind.
What's His Age?
A cologne for your Dad may not be the best choice for your boyfriend too! Most men who are aged prefer traditional colognes, and refrain from trying new fragrances. If you find something unusually different, better not gift it to your Dad for chances are, he might never use it at all! Instead, if you know your boyfriend has always relished experimenting, and is all for something exotic and new, pick up the newest of colognes from the fragrance shelf. However, if he doesn't love experimenting, you could yourself choose a cologne that is decent enough for him to like, since decent is the safest!
Where Should You Buy From?
We've talked enough about his personality and age - now that you have enlisted all the important points of reference about the man you're about to gift a cologne to, select a shopping store that is big, and has all the new fragrances. The bigger the store is, the easier it will be for you to choose the best smelling cologne for your man. Before that, you could do some good research on search engines, make a list of all colognes that suit the personality of your man, and try them out at the shopping store you visit. When you find the ones you're looking for, smell them one by one, and choose the one you think will suit him the best. A cologne is something men don't usually refuse to accept (they're classy and luxurious), and even though your selection fails to match his choice, he will still wear it. It's just upon him to decide when to wear it though.
If it's a present, wrap it up beautifully, make use of some of your gray cells, and gift it to him. If you're stony-broke, but still want to gift him a good cologne, you could search for online deals and check out lower prices. However, online purchasing isn't necessarily safe since the products are often low quality. So, when you've figured out everything with regards to selecting a cologne for your man, and have finally bought one, pick up a bottle of wine on the way, and make his day!
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