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How to Make Gift Certificate

Kashmira Lad Sep 27, 2018
Gift certificates are quite a popular option amongst many as they suit any occasion. Here we will tell you how to make gift certificates for your company and the various design elements required for the same.
Planning gifts for loved ones may sometimes feel like a difficult task. To pick the most appropriate gift, one needs to consider the hobbies and interests of the person. Well, be it any occasion like anniversary or birthdays, the present has to be really suitable for the occasion and bring a smile on the face of the receiver.
Often people grumble incessantly about the kind of gifts they have received. From the choice of color to the basic gift itself.
Many shops and brands have therefore come up with gift certificates or vouchers. These are becoming increasingly popular amongst people who have little time to shop or are not aware about the hobbies of the person.
They sure do give the user a chance to pick something he/she likes. It could be designer perfumes or clothing, the recipient can choose from a variety of items as per the voucher given to him/her.

Making Gift Vouchers at Home

If you are looking to create a voucher but are clueless about the details, you can look for many formats available online. These will give you many ideas about the designs. Many websites have printable patterns, which you can download, and use. Firstly, you need to know the points to be included in the design.
  • Define the matter you want on the certificate.
  • Think about the logo of the company and the proportion in which it should be used. The business address should also be included.
  • Define the title of the voucher.
  • It should also include space for the giver and the recipient's name.
  • Plan the copy of the legal content to be included.
  • It should also mention the address of the outlet and the validation date of the particular offer.
  • It needs to incorporate elements of design to give it a special look.
  • It also needs to have a certificate number.
Once you have all these elements together, it will be easy for you to complete the process. You can use any software you are comfortable with to create the same. Many designing software also have options that can be used to make the voucher more stylish. If this seems a little cumbersome, you can simply incorporate these elements in a printable format.
You can even plan it as per the occasion. The designs can include a clip art related to birthdays or festivals. For example, you can incorporate balloons and graffiti for a birthday and red Santa caps or holly leaves for Christmas.
Play around with the elements and make 4 layouts. Change the color schemes and font sizes to give you an idea about the variation in terms of looks. Try various proportions to judge the balance of the design. Once you have finalized the design, take a printout in actual size. This will give you an idea how the design will look in reality.
You also need to plan the envelopes. Browse through the shops to find suitable designs. You can even print the logo or a part of the design on the envelope. This will keep continuity in the design. Add a dash of creativity to make it look as interesting as possible.