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How to Make Gift Baskets

Madhura Pandit Jun 18, 2019
A gift basket is a popular option when it comes to personalized or homemade gifts. If you wish to make one yourself, here are some interesting ideas and tips.
A gift basket is one such gift that can be appropriate for any and every occasion; be it Christmas, birthday, Father's/Mother's day, for engagement or as a corporate gift. The receiver is definitely happy to get all his favorites goodies in one basket.
One of the best thing about gift baskets is that they are available in many different varieties. Hence, it is easy to find the perfect one for everyone, for every occasion. Although gift baskets are available in numerous gifts shops, you can easily make one at home, the way you want.

Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets can be of different types and varieties. Before making one at home, you should first decide on the theme or idea for the same. The following are some of the most popular or widely used gift basket themes.
★ Chocolate gift baskets - filled with assorted chocolates, drinking chocolates, etc.
★ Coffee basket - includes coffee powder, coffee beans, coffee mugs, stirrers, coffee flavored chocolates/cake/biscuits etc.
★ Gourmet gift baskets - filled with exotic sauces, salad dressings, cheeses, a cook book, etc.
★ Book baskets - filled with books, bookmarks, popcorn, etc.
★ Corporate gifts - wine and cheese ones with gourmet cheeses and superior quality wines, wine glasses, etc.
★ Sports gift baskets - containing sports cap, items like T-shirt, mugs, hats with logo, passes to a game, etc.
★ Baby baskets - with baby clothes, soft toys, teething rings and other toys, diaper cake, etc.
★ Bath and body baskets - includes massage oil or exotic oils, shampoo, soaps, towel, lotions, etc.
★ Fruit basket - containing all kinds of fruits and dried fruits (with or without flowers).

Gift Basket Making Technique

Once you have decided on the theme, the actual procedure is fairly easy. Buy all the items required and get them together.
★ A gift basket can be an ordinary wicker basket, or a decorated box or even a decorated sand bucket. You can decide on the basket according to the theme of your gift and the number of articles you are going to put in it.
★ Now, take a decorative sheet of cellophane and spread it flat on the table. Place the basket on the center of the cellophane sheet.

★ Breakable objects like glass bottles, decorative chocolates, etc., should be covered with proper paper or tissues for safety.
★ Place a tissue at the bottom of the basket. Place the tallest or the biggest item in the center of the basket. This way the weight of the basket will be balanced.

★ Now place the other items around the center item, balancing the weight properly. You should arrange items such that they are easily viewable.
★ In personalized gift baskets, you can throw in some confetti or wrapped candies randomly. You can also decorate the basket with colors and confetti before covering it with cellophane.
★ Once you are done, pull both the parts of the cellophane to the top together and tie them. You can attach a decorative string or a ribbon here. Also, attach a card or a personalized note on the basket, and you are done!
Once you learn to make gift baskets, you can try out different ideas to gift your loved ones. They will surely love and cherish it. Good luck!