Hostess Gifts

Everyone's been confused about what gift to present to the hostess at one point or another. Here are some guidelines and ideas for the prefect gift to give in such situations.
GiftinGlory Staff
Last Updated: Aug 10, 2018
Presenting the hostess with a gift is an age-old tradition. It is a form of expressing gratitude for arranging the event or party. Though it is not mandatory for every event, but presenting a gift is social etiquette and a nice way to appreciate her efforts. Choose an appropriate gift thoughtfully and not for mere formality.
Baby Shower
Camera film strip and gold ticket
If you know the hostess very well, then you can choose something according to her taste. If she loves watching movies, then get her tickets to a new movie. If she is a literature fan, give her the current best-selling book.
Homemade Candles
You may even go for homemade things that will surely impress her. Candles, soaps, cookies, thank you cards, etc., are great ideas.
Gift Certificate
Gift certificates are always perfect since the recipient can choose whatever she likes. You can purchase gift certificates for a beauty salon, a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a book store.
Wedding Shower
Bouquet of campanula flowers
A hostess of a bridal shower needs to plan so many things like inviting the guests, deciding the favors and the food, and so much more. Flowers are the best thank-you gift for anybody.
Daffodil And Tulip Flowers In Vase
You could even get her a flower vase, that way she can keep it for a long time.
Red bag for cosmetics with a make-up accessories
If she is a makeup enthusiast, you could give her a nice cosmetic bag or a cosmetics set.
Necklace With Crystals
If she is a very close friend of yours and you want to give her something extra special, then you can go for a jewelry set. Photo frames are great for the hostess to keep memories of the bridal shower.
Dinner Party
Family get together evening party in nature
When you are invited to a dinner party, you must bring something to thank the hostess for the wonderful food she served you. A good wine is always a great idea. You may even think of taking a bottle of champagne if the dinner is arranged for a celebration.
Vintner Checking Wine Bottles Cellar
You can get her bottles of her favorite drink if you know what it is. If the hostess is fond of food and cooking, then cookbooks are your best bet.
Wine glasses
If you are going to stay overnight after the dinner, consider giving a tea set or a set of wine glasses. If it is a casual dinner, then you can simply bring some dessert like ice cream or a cake.
There are no specific rules, so you should present something thoughtful to the hostess to let her know that her effort has not gone unnoticed. She will be extremely happy that you thought of her.