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Homemade Gifts

Gifts made at home, show a unique gesture of love and affection. Here are some trinkets, that you can make for girls, guys, and couples, for almost any occasion.
Girija Shinde Jun 18, 2019
Buying ready-made items to gift someone, saves the effort of making something, but you end up spending more time and money on it. Therefore, making something is easier on your pocket, and you also add a personal touch to the gift. Given here are some ideas for making homemade gifts, which will surely be appreciated and cherished.

For Guys

Personalized T-Shirts

Personalized t-shirts are one of the best gifts for men of any age. You can give these to your younger or elder brother, dad, boyfriend, or husband.
Just buy a plain white t-shirt and then let your creativity flow. Paint it with some unique prints or write some creative comments on it. Hand prints are also a unique idea.


If the man in your life has a soft spot for books, then a bookmark gifted to him, will surely put a smile on his face.
You can make this item by using materials like ribbons, cardboard, paper, or even cloth. Decorate it with quotes, hearts, flowery prints, etc., and you can also make it as colorful as you want.

CD Holder

Making a CD holder is very easy. You can knit one, or make it using paper, cardboard, or fabric. Decorate it with stickers of his favorite actors/actresses or bands.
In fact, you can make one of paper which contains pictures of all his favorite people! For this, you will need to make a collage of the pictures on a plain sheet and then make a CD holder out of it.

For Girls


Making jewelry is simple, all you have to do is gather materials like beads, shells, pieces of decorative glass, rhinestones etc. and string them together. You can also buy a kit that will help you make earrings, anklets, bracelets, etc.

Treasure Box

Make a box out of a cardboard or any other material you find at home. Decorate it with glitter, paint, sequins, paper, ribbons, buttons, etc. Add items like old photographs, homemade delicacies, nail polish, scrapbook, jewelry, and the likes.

For Couples

Personalized Nameplate

Make a nameplate out of wood or paper, whichever you find easier. You can also buy a simple nameplate from the market and then decorate it the way you want. The couple will surely be happy to see something so unique.


Collect some old pictures of the couple. If you have any black and white photos, well and good. Start with photos of their childhood and let the last photo be of their marriage.
To make the gift more interesting, add comments under each photo. The couple will treasure this gift for life.
Remember to wrap your gifts well when giving them to your special someone. An additional tip you can use, is give the gift with a single fresh flower, so that your gesture is remembered and valued.