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Creative Homemade Gifts That Spell Gratitude Towards Your Teacher

Homemade Teacher Gifts
We all have a favorite teacher, someone special. Homemade gifts are a great way to express your feelings. Here are some really cool gift ideas!
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Jul 25, 2017
While some teachers are strict and intimidating, some are really fun and friendly. They make learning a joyful experience, they help develop our talents so that we can be more creative. If we are not that good in a subject, they help remove our fears and make us appreciate that topic more. They are always there for you and you can talk to them about anything. Teachers love receiving gifts just as much as kids do and homemade gifts stand out from the rest for the love and efforts put into them. Make amazing homemade gifts for teachers with simple materials and let the teacher experience the joys of childhood again.
Top 20 Homemade Teacher Gift Ideas
Draw Something
Pencil Drawing
Your sketch or painting need not be perfect but it should be made with love. Try drawing something that will show how you feel about your teacher. You may use pencils, crayons, paints or even sand and nut shells to make it as beautiful as you can. Your teacher will really like it.
Use Clay
Child Play Clay
You can also use a variety of colors when you make something with clay. The end result of handmade gifts for teachers shows your level of respect and care for them.
Paint Coffee Mugs and Pencil Holders
Hand Painted Coffiee Mug
Take a plain plastic or ceramic mug or pencil stand and decorate it with paints, sparkles, photos, sayings and cartoons. It will give it a great look and will be a gift the teacher will definitely use.
Paint Sports Caps, Shoes, and Aprons
Painted Shoes
Now here is a really cool idea for making gifts, one which you can definitely give to your teacher. Take a white sports cap or an apron or even a pair of plain canvas shoes and paint them using fabric paint, give it really nice designs or color patterns.
Make a Fan Page on Facebook
Facebook page
This type of gift is absolutely cost-effective and modern. Teachers would be thrilled to have a fan page of their own on social networking websites such as Facebook, where the students can come and upload photos, and become fans of their teachers and make it a forum for teachers and students to discuss issues and interact more freely.
Make a Scrapbook
Handmade Scrapbook
Making special scrapbooks are also nice gifts, they can be filled up with cuttings of an answer sheet your teacher scored for you, of year book photos and report card statements. You can write poetry, a write up on your teacher, short stories, make small drawings, or anything you wish to add. You can decorate it with sparkles, hand prints in different colors, dry leaves, flowers, stickers, smiley faces, badges, or even post aids!
Make a Calendar
A handmade calendar is a great idea, as every body uses it all throughout the year. Take photos of your classmates, and divide them into twelve folders so that you don't miss out any of your friends. Get these photos scanned or simply stick them on the book sized calendar. You can also add sweet quotes and sayings for each month and its photo. They make nice personalized gifts.
Make a Handbag
Handmade Bag
Make a patch work handbag, by cutting out designs or shapes of fabric with various colors and patterns. Stitch them over a canvas bag to give it a unique and personalized look.
Make Photo Frames
Handmade Photoframe
Make really attractive photo frames with cardboard pieces, plastic, wood, paper-mash, clay, fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, match box sticks, ice cream sticks, etc.
Gift a Diary or Books
Crafted Book Cover
Gifting a diary for penning down thoughts or gifting a book is a very nice gift. You can make the cover for the diary or book yourself with fabric, patch work, a painting or a collage. Add sparkles, glitters, ribbons to beautify it.
Make Cards
Girl Painting
Making a card is one of the best appreciation gifts. It is simple and not time-consuming. In it, you can write things that you never got to tell your teacher, to show how much you care. It is one of the oldest and most effective gifts for teachers.
Make Jewelry and Name Plates
Handmade Jewelry
If you know how to make jewelry then you can make some for your favorite female teacher, by using beads, buttons, paper mashed into beads, plastic or even feathers such as Peacock feather. This is surely a sweet gift for lady teachers. For your male teachers you can make a name plate or a door sign, or even a wall hanging using whatever materials you can think of, such as scrap metal.
Make a Class T-Shirt
Take a class photograph of all your classmates with your teachers and get is scanned on T-shirt for your favorite teachers. The second best option would be to paint a T-shirt yourself with whatever you can, or ask your classmates to paste their hand prints dipped in different colors with their names signed under their hand print. Or take permanent marker pens and get a white T-shirt signed by all your friends with some loving words from each student and gift it to your teacher. Make sure the T-shirt should fit your teacher, so it's always better o buy a free sized one.
Bake a Cake and Cookies
Gift Cookies
This is something you should seek your parent's help for, there is nothing sweeter that baking cakes or cookies, for your teacher. They will really appreciate your efforts as well as savor the taste.
Gift a Secret Box
Wooden Brown Casket
A secret box is one of the good gift ideas, they are rare and really cool. These boxes look like beautiful books from the outside but are hollow from the inside and can be used to keep precious things. Some of them come with a lock and key which makes them even better.
Give Gift Certificates and Vouchers
Gift Certificate
Ask your parents for extra gift certificates or vouchers. Or even better, ask students in your class to voluntarily deposit whatever they wish to contribute into a deposit box, so as to buy these vouchers. They can be for a restaurant, boutique, a beauty salon, shopping brands, for a concert or theater play. Whatever it may be, they will be useful for your teacher.
Become a Teacher for the Day
Unprepared Reading
This will be a great gift to give your teachers on Teacher's Day. Appoint student to dress up and act like your teachers. Each student enacting their own allotted teacher. Request your teachers to act as students and the whole process will be extremely hilarious and fun. This will also give the teachers a break from teaching for that special day. It is also makes great thank you gifts.
Play Games
Playing Musical Chair
Arrange for small and fun class room games, so that your teacher and the class can have fun and get to interact a lot more. Small gifts such as chocolates for the ones who win will add to the excitement of the games. You may even invite your principal for these games, if you wish.
Throw a Farewell Party
Pupils and Teacher
If one of your beloved teachers is leaving the school or is retiring then you and your classmates can arrange for a farewell party. Your parents can also contribute or be a part of it. You can add banners, make a short digital presentation for your teacher with photographs of when they were kids themselves, in school, since the day they joined your school/college, class and group photographs as well. This is one of the excellent retirement gifts for teachers. Your teacher will never forget this retirement gift and will be touched, by all your love. Since this gift requires the combined efforts and contribution of many students it is one of the best examples for teacher gifts from students.
Gift From The Whole Lot!
Christmas Giving
Make it a rule that every student in the class must bring one gift each for the teacher. These gifts must be decided in advance, so that each gift is unique and not repeated. One student can get flowers, while another can get cards, the third can bring a pouch of candy, another can bring a toy. Or to ease up on the hard work, each student can bring whatever they wish. The objective is to show your affection to your favorite teacher!
All that is required to make these gifts is some creativity. You no longer have to spend too much on gift baskets or delay your homework. These homemade gifts are easy to make and not time-consuming.