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Homemade Romantic Gifts

Homemade romantic gifts have a unique charm to them, don't you agree? So if that's the category which you'll be exploring this year around in the gifting section, let's get you some ideas for the same. Read, read.
GiftinGlory Staff
So this year you've decided to go the homemade, personalized gifts way. Good, good. In all the maddening rush that our lives have become, we tend to forget the charm that homemade romantic gifts hold for us. A store bought gift might look great, but there's nothing that tips the emotions quite like a romantic gift which has been prepared with much love and care. But just cause you want to, you might not really have ideas of how to go about it. And that is where we come in. In this article, ideas will be shared about some romantic gifts for both men and women. Getting to those gifts then.
Homemade Gifts for Women
Women are suckers for romance. If there is a man who's thinking of doing the whole routine of romantic homemade gifts for her, then you know that the woman will be all but happy to have that attention bestowed upon her. But what to gift her? It really doesn't take much. Here are some simple ideas that you can use.
Write a Gift
It's so, so totally unexpected. Especially if you've never done that. Just pen down a poem about her. And make it a long, long one. She'll swoon. She'll be touched. She'll love you to pieces. I'll tell you what will get her to really like this romantic gift idea, make it funny and a little sentimental―jot down all her quaint mannerisms, like how she plays with that lock of her hair when she's concentrating, or how she lifts her head up like a cat when she smells something nice... and it does not even have to be a perfect rhyme and rhythm poem. The thought is what counts.
Plan a Picnic
Picture a romantic setting, like a meadow perhaps, with honeysuckle growing on the side and a lake nearby... or something that is more your preference. Without telling her anything about this romantic gift, ask her to 'just be ready' and then whisk her away to that perfect setting. Have a picnic basket ready with something light and delicious. Then all day through talk, read, go for a swim, laze in the sun... and some other stuff that I leave up to you. Women love this kinda stuff and you making it happen all by yourself and with such style... you'll be reaping the benefits of that for a long, long time.
Homemade Gifts for Men
It's easier for women to think of homemade romantic gifts for men, you know? But if you still need some ideas for romantic gifts (with the home touch) for him, here are some.
100 Reasons
Let's stroke his ego a little with this romantic gift. But it's not just that, of course, it's also a way of getting your feelings through. Give him a letter that states a hundred reasons why you love him. Every. Small. Detail. Now's the time to state the obvious (the dimple, the dimple) and the not so obvious (sprawled on the couch with your pet cat on his lap, stroking her head)... perfectly romantic and so simple.
The Sense of Touch
'Cause men are more visual than women, you go right ahead and blindfold him. Then slowly lead him to the bed and peel his clothes off... then, take your hands over his back and start massaging him... and maybe the massage will lead to more. There's no denying that, of course. Sexy as hell, relaxing as hell, and if you're dressed in sexy lingerie for later, this truly, truly is the perfect gift to give him.
These ideas will have given you at least a direction in which to go. You don't have to choose these gifts per se, but you can definitely take some ideas from these and go on to create great gifts for that special her or him.
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