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Homemade Gifts to Make

Aastha Dogra Apr 23, 2019
We always look for ways to express our love, and what better way to do that than making personalized gifts. Here are some homemade gifts to make, which will show the receiver how much you care for him/her.
Everybody loves to receive gifts from their near and dear ones. And if it has been made at home especially for them, it can make their day very special. Here are some easy DIY gifts, which are sure to bring a smile on the face of the receiver. The items mentioned ahead can be presented on anniversaries, Thanksgiving, housewarming, and many other occasions.

Box of Love

A box of love is one of the most thoughtful gifts for your better half. It can also be given by parents to children to show them how much they are cared for.
Materials Required
Construction paper, an old box, such as a shoe box or a tissue paper box, glitter, chocolates, and glue.
Take the construction paper and cut it into fifty, equal sized, strips. Now on each strip, write genuine love messages for your loved one. You may write anecdotes on what made you fall in love with them. You may also write some peculiarities in their personality that makes them even more endearing to you.
Ideally, this craft project should be started a month in advance so that each strip is written on a different day. That way, it will be very well written and would sound genuine. After the strips have been written, fold them neatly. Now, take the old box and stick a colored construction paper on all its sides.
Put the 'love strips' inside this box along with the chocolates. Make heart-shaped cutouts of red construction paper, stick glitter on them, and stick them all around the box. Place the cover on the box and your gift is ready.

Welcome Sign

A welcome sign is a gift for all seasons. It can be given on Thanksgiving or Christmas. It is easy to make and has a great utility as everyone likes to decorate the entrance of their house with an innovative welcome sign.
Materials Required
A wooden plaque, spray paint, acrylic paint, paint brush, drill, screw hook, different wood shapes, such as a Christmas tree shape, if the gift is for Christmas, or a turkey shape, if it is for Thanksgiving.
Take the wooden plaque and spray paint it so that the paint covers it from all sides. Keep it aside for a while to dry completely. When it is dry, take the acrylic paint and write 'welcome' on it. Make sure to use two contrasting colors so that the word 'welcome' stands out. Now, take the wooden shape of your choice and drill a hole on top of it.
Spray paint on it and decorate it with acrylic paint. Keep it to dry. Meanwhile, attach a screw hook at the bottom of the wooden plaque. Now, hang the wooden shape from this hook, facing the front. The shapes can be changed from one season to another, so you may paint a few more shapes and give them along with this holiday gift.

Towel Bouquet

A towel bouquet can be presented as a housewarming gift to a neighbor. It is easy to make and can be used as a bazaar craft for a fundraising event.
Materials Required
Two small towels of different colors, one white and another yellow, a perfumed soap, one artificial flower made of cloth, ribbon, small floral accents, and hot glue.
Fold the colored towel from both the sides so that the sides meet up in the center. Fold the white towel in the same way and place it between the yellow towel. Make sure that the size of the white cloth is slightly smaller than the colored towel. Place the soap in the middle of both the towels.
Now, take the ends of the two folded towels and hold them together so that you can hold them properly. Tie a ribbon around them so that the soap does not fall out and is secured in towels. Place the artificial flower and the floral accents on top of it with the help of hot glue and voila! One of the simplest, innovative, and easy on the purse gift is ready.
Here's hoping that the ideas mentioned here will be beneficial for you. When making personalized gifts it's not only the accuracy or the beauty that counts, but also the care, concern, love, and thought behind the it that matters.