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Homemade Gifts for Teachers

Stephen Rampur Oct 4, 2018
Getting a gift for your teacher does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a significant amount of money. Homemade gifts are one of the best options when it comes to not spending much on presents.
Gifting a homemade present to your teacher will surely make him/her happy, not only due to your efforts for making it, but also due to the fact that you admire and appreciate your teacher enough to present him/her with a gift. Students spend a lot of time wondering what to make. Choosing a unique gift is just a matter of likes and interests of your teacher.
The best day to present your teacher with a gift is teacher's day. Gifts can even be given to them on their birthdays and your graduation day.
Graduation day is not a day only meant for the jubilation of the students' achievements, it is a day which is also intended for the celebration of the teachers' accomplishments. As there are only a few occasions which can be used for gifting your instructors, you need to make it worthy by choosing unique gifts. Given here are some homemade gift ideas.

Personalized Photo Album

Select a photo album that has a plain cover which can be beautified. Utilize markers, paint, stickers, and decals to embellish the album from the outside.
Ask all students to get their baby photos and school pictures of some enjoyable moments spent in school. Put labels of the students' names to each picture or photo.

Homemade Delicacies

If you want to gift your teacher with an entirely homemade present, a food item prepared at home is the best choice.
If you are good at cooking, you can prepare chocolates, cakes, or cookies, and decorate them in any way you want. If you do not know to cook, you can ask your mom to do the needful for you.

Creative Tote Bags

Visit a local general store and buy an inexpensive, plain canvas carryall. Dress it with fabric paint by drawing.
In addition, you may also make it a personalized gift by dipping hands in fabric paint and carefully placing colorful hand impressions on both sides of the tote. Fill the tote with materials which the teacher would utilize, like tissue papers, hankies, candy, tea bags, or similar items.

Potted Plant

Purchase a plain flower pot from a greenhouse or a plant discount shop. You can then color the outer side of the pot with acrylic paint, and cover it with posters and decals. Coat it with a seal or protective coating and keep it aside for drying.
Fill the pot with either flowers or plant seeds, or replant something which has already germinated. You can tie an ornamental thread around the rim and fix it with gum. Do not forget to inform your teacher about the instructions for taking proper care of the plant.

Innovative Notepads

Buy a simple notepad from the gift shop which will be easy to customize, in the way you want, as you think your teacher would like. Include colorful drawings, pictures, small poems and quotes and some other creative things. Ensure that you keep sufficient space for the teacher to write on. You can also include a scented pen with the notepad.
Other good options include making your own personalized greeting card for your teacher. You can show your feelings, admiration, and respect to your teacher by including some short sentences. This is a very simple and sweet gift that would not even cost you anything.
You may choose anything that the teacher admires or likes. Just ensure that you include an appreciation letter or note with the gift. Homemade gifts are the surest way to say that you appreciate and care for your teacher.