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Homemade Gifts for Mom

Girija Shinde Apr 29, 2019
Is your mom's birthday close and you have still not thought of any gift? Don't worry, as here are some homemade gift ideas for your mom, which can be made in just couple of hours.
Buying gifts for loved ones can be a real challenging task because one is always worried that the loved one may not like the gift. And that is the reason why we generally reject and hesitate on almost every gift.
One of the best solutions to this is to make a gift yourself. Not only do you get the satisfaction of gifting something good, but the person whom you gift also appreciates the effort that you put to make it. And that makes the homemade gift much special than any ready-made one.
Another advantage is that even if you forget to buy a gift in time, you can make one at home quickly and save yourself the guilt!
Homemade gifts have special importance when it comes to mom, as she usually never expects any sort of gift from anyone. And when you give her a gift, that too, made by yourself, she will be overwhelmed. So let's see how you can make your mom happy with these homemade gifts.

Handmade Jewelry

This is the best gift for moms because every woman likes to wear unique jewelry.
Handmade jewelry is also quite easy to make. You can make use of beads, pieces of cloths, shells, colored glass, etc., while making it. There are also many websites which give step-by-step instructions on how to make handmade jewelry.
Making a set of earrings and necklace won't take you more than an hour. To make it more unique and personalized, make use of your mom's birthstone. You can also take help of the ready-made jewelry for the basic instructions.

Golden Memories

Moms are the ones who miss those long lost memories. So why not give her a ride into the past with some sprinkle of present? You must be having your personal old family album or CD. Make an entire new CD blended with old and new pictures of you and your siblings, comment on every old picture. Remember to keep the comments funny.
With the help of your siblings, you can click new pictures by posing in the same way like you did in the old pictures. You can place these pictures with the old ones in a 'before and after' pattern. This idea will definitely bring a huge smile to your mom's face.

Homemade Delicacy

Surprise your mom with a simple homemade dinner. She will be extremely happy and pleasantly surprised by your culinary skills, even if they are not really great.
Remember, the food does not need to be good. What matters is the thoughtfulness you showed by cooking something for your tired mom. You need not cook any exotic food; a simple dinner of macaroni and soup or sandwiches and an omelet will be considered as exotic!

Posters or Cards

Make a simple card from scratch. Choose the paper, color, decorations, and also the words yourself.
If you think the card is a little too less, make a poster which can say, 'the reasons why you are special for me'. You will find thousands of reasons, so don't worry. If you can be a little artistic, draw some comic pictures below each picture.
You can also make things like cell phone covers, bath salts, scarves, etc. Your mom will definitely appreciate your efforts and preserve the gift forever.