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Homemade Gifts for Dad

Maya Pillai Sep 28, 2018
Your dad would love to receive a homemade gift even if it is small and not perfect. He knows it is made with lots of love and good wishes. Here we give you a few ideas on homemade gifts for dad.
Homemade gifts for dad are made from the bottom of your heart with lots of love and care. There are many occasions when you could gift your dad a wonderful homemade present; father's day, his birthday or wedding anniversary, Christmas, New Year, or Easter are few such occasions.
However, it is not necessary to have an occasion to shower your dad with gifts. You can gift him a homemade present at any time of the year. Even a simple meal that you will cook lovingly for him is as good as any other homemade gift.

Crochet Winter Wear

If you are good at knitting, knit a woolen sweater or a jacket for your dad. Choose good quality wool of his favorite color. It would surprise him and he will remember you each time he wears the sweater. Knit him a cap or hand gloves.

Cook a Meal

On your dad's birthday, prepare his special breakfast or lunch. You could relieve your mom from the kitchen for sometime, so that dad gets to spend some quality time with her. If you are a good cook and have a well-planned menu, you can have a four-course lunch.
You can make your dad's favorite starters and soup, followed by a main course meal, and a delicious and mouth-watering dessert, like a cake.

Write a Poem

If your dad loves reading poems, you can actually write one for him and frame it. Wrap the framed poem in a glossy gift wrapper and gift it to your dad.

Paint a Mug

Present your dad with a hand-painted ceramic mug. For this, buy a plain white mug, clean it, and dry it with a kitchen towel. Using a large thick brush, apply a coat of conditioner. Once the conditioner dries, color the mug with your dad's favorite color.
Apply a thick coat of paint, and leave it to dry. Now apply a coat of gloss glaze over it and after a couple of days, apply the paint over the glazed surface. After a week, wash a small part of the mug to see if the color is coming off. You can sign your name on it. You will not believe how thrilled your dad will be when he receives this mug.

Frame a Portrait

Another beautiful homemade gift that you could give your dad is your framed portrait. If you are married, take a photo of your family, else take a good photo of yours. You can buy a good and steady wooden frame from the departmental store.
If you are good at handiwork, paint some design on the frame, else use seashells to decorate it. Place the photo in the frame and gift it to your dad. He would cherish this homemade gift close to his heart. He might even place it on his worktable.
You can come up with numerous other interesting homemade gifts ideas like these to present your dad on various occasions. Your dad will highly appreciate your efforts and will be extremely proud of you on receiving these gifts.