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8 Crazily Fabulous Homemade Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day

8 Homemade Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day
Grandparents Day is almost upon us, and given the special bond that kids share with their grandparents, here are some great gift ideas that kids can borrow to choose appropriate gifts for their grandparents.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2019
Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.
― Welsh Proverb
Grandparents And Presents
How does one describe the bond that one shares with one's grandparents. It's something that cannot be described. It's something that is so naturally overflowing with love that words will probably not suffice. Which is why we won't even go there.
They're like these pampering machines, you know? Grand mom cooking your favorite food, and granddad teaching you to fish; carrying you piggyback and reading you stories at night.
Grandfather Giving Boy A Present
And then, they obviously don't have all these 'rules' that your parents insist that you follow―all the time. With grandparents around, it's more like a free rein for you to do most things that you usually can't. Such fun times! It's time that you get cracking on giving them a nice gift to show them how much you love them.
What will you give them? How about a mix of some homemade and some pampering gifts? Something that they will love, cherish, and need? If you are in search of ideas and suggestions, then the following sections will give you exactly that. Let's go.
8 Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day
The following gift ideas are a great mix of the homemade, luxurious, utility, and pampering gifts that your grandparents are sure to cherish. What's more, these really cute and easy Grandparents Day gifts can be even made at home, and we can guarantee that the kids will have a lot of fun making them.
The Vacation Map
The Vacation Map
That one epic trip that your kids took with their grandparents―maybe you were there too.
The point being, gift them a memory of that trip that they'll never forget. Procure a map of the place, circle the location and have the map framed. Then, ask your child to write down what they remember most about the trip―all the maddening fun they had on it, and how they enjoyed the vacation with their grandparents.
Can you just feel the grandparents welling up? The best part about this gift is that no matter what age your kid is, this gift is going to be just as special.
If the child is small, the gift will bring in the cute factor, and if the child is slightly older, it will bring out the emotional angle... and at the end of the day, it will be a memory that the grandparents are sure to cherish forever.
The Album
photo album for the grandparents
This homemade gift never loses its charm―make a special photo album for the grandparents!
This gift becomes even more meaningful if the grandparents do not live in the same place as the grandchildren. So, what you're doing with this gift is you're giving them an opportunity to witness the children while they are growing up.
Grandparents with twins baby
Either you fill the album with the kids pictures―all the goofy, silly pictures as well―or you fill the album with pictures that have been taken with the grandparents. And if they're really young kids, have them sit with the grandparents while they go through the album and give them 'details' of the snaps.
An Awesome, Awesome Frame
Awesome Frame For Grandparents
Another interesting idea would be to gift a frame like the one shown right here.
It's such a simple idea―all you need to do is ask the children to describe their grandma and grandpa in one or two words, and then you can arrange these words over a paper, frame it, and gift it to them. You can even seek professional help to create such a frame.
Hand and Footprint Art
Hand and Footprint Art
The reason making this gift is so much fun is because the kids can officially make a mess. No, seriously! They will love making this one.
So, like we've given you ideas in this collage, all you do is buy some thick art paper and then take the hand and footprints of the kids; then use these prints to come up with varied designs. This really tugs at the grandparents' heartstrings.
Coasters with a Twist
Coasters with cute photos of the grandkids
Here's how you can transform a normal utility item into something that evokes a smile and a cheer from the grandparents― personalize the items! Here, we've adorned the coasters with cute photos of the grandkids. Likewise, you can use other items like mugs or stationery as well. The world is your oyster.
Funny, Funny Cards
Funny Cards For Grandparents
Even though these cards may seem cheesy, they are still so cute, don't you think?
The grandparents have this innate ability to instantly love anything that the grand-kids will dole out, and these cards are sure to generate giggles and laughter. Try them and see.
The Hugging Card
Hugging Card For Grandparents
There are different ways in which you can use this idea.
Trace the profile of the kid's outstretched arms on some sturdy, thick paper as shown, and then cut out the arms. Then have the kid make a card for the grandparents, and then stick the base of the arms on either side of the envelope. Now, join the hands together in front of the card.
Once the grandparents receive the card, they will open the arms and under it will be written 'I love you thiiiiiis much' or 'Here comes the hug of the century' or something to that effect―which is really sweet.
Assorted Awesomeness
Assorted Awesomeness
Female Domestic Leopard Slippers
And now comes the gift to pamper them―give them all these utility items, yes, but personalize them with grandparenty touches here and there. Choose anything ... they are all just as awesome―the mugs, the eye mask, the slippers...
You just know that this Grandparents Day is going to be a really special one for them, don't you? What with the grand kids making all these awesome gifts for them. It's going to be one, great celebration. You'll see. *Hearts melting*.