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Homemade Gift Ideas for Friends

Tulika Nair Mar 12, 2019
What do you want to give your friend this time for his or her birthday? Can't decide? How about you create something yourself? There are many different gift ideas that you can choose from in order to make a gift that your friend will love.
You have exhausted the list of top ten gifts for friends in the past couple of years and frankly you are bored of visiting the same store and buying similar gifts every year. If you are looking for something a little different, then you could probably make something on your own.
Are you laughing at the mere suggestion? Don't! Making gifts is not as difficult as it seems to be and neither do you have to be very creative. All you need to do is choose from one of the many ideas and then use it to create a wonderful gift item.

For Women

You are bored of buying the same old gifts for your girlfriends. Clothes, books, and all the other usual suspects have been done to death and you are looking for gifts that are more personal. Given here are three of the simplest options that you can use.

Jewelry Rack

Any woman you know would have a collection of jewelry that she never wears. Ask her why and she would tell you that it is because she can hardly find it in time.
Make her the best thing that she could possess so that her jewelry is put to good use. A jewelry rack is a great option for a handmade gift and making one is very simple. All you need is a piece of plywood, sponge, felt paper, and your imagination.
This board can make an amazing rack for all her earrings. Attach decorative, wooden door knobs at the end and she has place to hang her necklaces as well.

Bath Salts and Soaps

You are aware of the kind of stress and tension that your friend has been going through in the recent past. What better to give as a gift to help her relax than whipping up some bath salts and soaps that will refresh her.
It is extremely easy to make bath salts at home if you have the necessary materials. Create a gift basket of bath salts and soaps of different fragrances and you will have a very relaxed and happy friend.


This is for those people who have a keen interest in pottery or even those who don't. If you do not know how to make pots, buy them and then paint them in different designs to make artifacts that your friend is sure to appreciate and love.
Create designs that you know will match the decor of her house. These can be brilliant gifts for housewarming parties.

For Men

A pleasant change from the usual gift ideas of books, wallets, gift vouchers, briefcases, etc. making the gifts yourself will ensure that he appreciates how much you care about him, and how much thought and effort you have put into making a gift for him.

Little Black Book

Every guy should have one of these just like every woman needs her own little black dress.
If you know that your friend does not possess a little black book or has filled up all the pages of the one that he has, make him one. Use recycled paper to support the green cause, and use black raw silk for the cover of the book. It will make for one beautiful and elegant little black book.

Phone Case

You cannot go wrong with this one. If he has a phone (and who doesn't), he needs a phone case. Customize one for him using materials you know suits his personality.
For a biker, make one of leather with rivets. For a sporty guy, try using denim or craft one out of sporting balls. Inscribe or embroider his initials on the phone case and gift it to him on his special day. This is one gift he is sure to be thankful for.

Food Jars

Remember the age-old adage that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Well, it is definitely true and nothing (and we mean absolutely nothing) could be a better gift for your friend, than a jar full of his favorite cookies.
Alternatively you could make him a great meal at the end of a long day at work, or even give him coupons which state that he could demand a food item that he likes whenever he wants.
There are many other such ideas that you can definitely use to create some beautiful and thoughtful gifts for your friends and loved ones. Homemade gifts will truly help your friends understand how much they mean to you.