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Homemade Gift Ideas

Girija Shinde Oct 16, 2018
Homemade gifts have a special touch as they show the affection and efforts of the giver. There are many homemade gift ideas to choose from.
Gifts are given as a token of affection. They are also given to mark the occasion. There are so many gifts in the market that it becomes difficult to choose one. There are certain gifts that are very popular, and people in search of a gift tend to choose those popular gifts. Due to this the uniqueness of the gift is lost.
Many moms, dads, boyfriends, and girlfriends end up receiving the same gift. A homemade gift is the best way to make the gift unique. Such gifts are also a smart option as they do not burn a hole in the pocket!

Ideas for Men

Tool Box

One thing that guys are proud of is their capability of fixing the TV, computer, etc. So gifting a tool box will surely motivate him. Making a tool box is quite easy, and you do not need any technical stuff for this.
Take a cardboard box, cut it in the shape of a tool box (a rectangular shape) and stick it neatly. Wrap it in a brown paper and you are almost done! Now add different tools in it. You can add things like a screwdriver, nuts/bolts, glue, marker, pencils, erasers, wire cutters, nails, etc. Your guy will surely be impressed by your thoughtfulness.


Every house witnesses arguments regarding the division of household work and how one partner does not care even when the other partner is exhausted. So on his next birthday, give him homemade coupons.
The coupons can be about anything, if you two generally argue on the daily chores, make him some coupons which say 'one day freedom from all work'. He can use this coupon when he is really tired. Massage coupons and TV coupons can also be made. Do not gift too many coupons as it will mean missing some of your favorite programs and tiring yourself frequently.

Gift Baskets

When you are not able to think of one specific gift or do not want to give only one gift, gift baskets are the perfect option. Make a gift basket at home by decorating any fruit basket and then adding things to it.
Things like homemade cookies, leather wallet, key chains, his favorite classic book with a handmade bookmark, a homemade photo frame with your and his photo, etc., are sure to be liked by all guys.


Apart from the mentioned gifts, you can also give him a handmade poster, on which you can write all the reasons which make him so special. A homemade perfume, personalized T-shirt, memory book, hobby box, etc., are some other homemade gifts for him.

Ideas for Women

Gift Basket

Lots of unique gift baskets like goody basket, spa or hobby basket etc, can make a woman smile.
Add cookies, jams, and chocolates made by you to a goody basket. You can find easy recipes for all these foodstuffs on the internet. You will need to add bath salts, bubble bath, a soft pillow, scented candles, a CD of soothing music to a spa basket. The things she is interested in will obviously go into a hobby basket.


You must be aware of the fact that moms love to store memories, and they also love to talk about it, especially about their kids' childhood. So the idea is to compile all your childhood memories in one CD. She will surely love this gift.


Download a proper certificate template from the Internet and decorate it. Get the words, 'For the Best Mother/ Girlfriend/Sister/ Teacher Ever', printed in bold on it. Present this certificate to her in an informal and surprise award ceremony. She will be touched.


Apart from these gifts, you can also gift her a memory book, romantic map, personalized stepping-stones, bookmarks, etc. Classic gifts like a bunch of red roses will also make her eyes sparkle.
Just like the ones mentioned here, there are a few more that you can present to someone on a special occasion. Add your creativity to these ideas to make the gift more special, more personalized. Your loved ones will surely love the unique homemade gift you give them, because it's made by you!