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16 Homemade Gag Gift Ideas That'll Make You Go ROFL

16 Homemade Gag Gift Ideas
Birthdays, holiday season, and special occasions are perfect times to bring a smile on someone's face with a well thought of gift to suit the occasion. But what if you are in a mood of having a good laugh at another's expense? The gag gift ideas mentioned here are sure to make everyone burst into hysterical fits of laughter.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
For Your Eyes Only
I couldn't think of anything to write, so please pretend that you're reading something really touching, maybe even wipe away a tear, and then look at me and say, "That is so beautiful. I didn't know you could write like that." Then if anyone asks to see the card, refuse and tell them it was just too personal.
Thanks, I owe you one.―Elliot Maxx
We all agree when people say―laugh till it eats away the troubles that bother you. Definitely then, the best way to bust stress is to have a hearty laugh. You can induce such hysterical laughter with gag gifts meant to enliven any occasion.

Birthdays and special occasions are meant to be celebrated on a light note, keeping somberness at bay. Which is why, gifting something that is not just funny, but also creative is one sure-shot way of striking a happy note. Enlisted below are 16 ways of making your recipient have a hearty laugh.
Natural Bubble Bath
Natural Bubble Bath Gag Gift
The pleasures of soaking up in a warm bubble bath is well-known, but what is not is the gift that awaits them herein. Gift pack a mason jar filled with dry beans. Do not forget to put instructions to use the beans for a natural bubble bath.
Sweet Smoke
Cigars Gag Gift
Imagine the look of surprise on your dad's face when he opens a cigar box filled with chocolate wafers. Easy to make, you just need to use a handful of chocolate wafer rolls to do the trick. You can alternately use dry twigs and sticks to turn it into a gag gift.
Crunchy Easter Eggs
Crunchy Easter Eggs Gag Gift
Who doesn't love a chocolate heaven encased in an Easter egg? Well, anyone who bites into a hard-boiled egg, shell included, will definitely have a reason to despise them. Simply dunk your hard-boiled egg into a chocolate fountain till it is evenly covered. Decorate it like you would do to a real Easter egg, and enjoy at the cost of your recipient.
Grow your Own Fish
Fish Seed Gag Gift
Know someone who loves to fish or owns an aquarium? This gag gift is definitely a killer idea that you can implement to make them smile. Bake or purchase a bag of fish-shaped cookies, and present them as fish seeds to the fishing enthusiast with a tag that says, "Grow Your Own Fish."
Hair Swatches Gag Gifts
We all agree to the fact that hair is an important feature of a person's appearance. A swatch of hair or simply a wig for someone whose mane is getting shinier by the day is the perfect gift. Try making a swatch of hair with your pet's hair or even silk threads. This gag gift is strictly for those who will readily participate in the fun.
Hand Wash Liquid/Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer Gag Gifts
This one is for your friend whose habit of sanitizing his/her hands now and then just puts you off. All you need is a bottle of clear glue and an old bottle of hand sanitizer. Transfer the contents into the sanitizer bottle and enjoy the fun. Make sure you have the camera ready to capture the expression when your friend realizes that he/she just glued his/her hands together.
iPad Gag Gift
This is what technology that comes cheap looks like. Gift-wrap an old "eye pad" in an iPad box, and sit back and revel in the laugh riot that follows.
Makeup Brush
Makeup Brush Gag Gift
A heavy-duty makeup brush for someone who is getting older should fit the bill of a perfect gift. Unless, it is an old paintbrush gift-wrapped to perfection and presented with utmost care.
Perfect Man
Perfect Man
Have a friend who constantly cribs about the man in her life or not having one in her life? Here's the solution: bake a gingerbread man and present it with a label that proclaims it to be the perfect man.
Beer Basket
Beer Basket Gag Gift
Wait, did I just say beer? Well, imagine the look of disgust you are sure to get when your friend finds out there's trash in there. The beer basket supposedly contains groundnut shells, beer caps, and toothpicks!
Expert Puzzle Gag Gift
Expert puzzle solvers will surely have a hearty laugh over this one. Remove the puzzle pieces of a jigsaw set, but retain the fascinating picture on the cover. Now, all you need to do is to add a handful or a boxful of sawdust into the puzzle box. Neatly wrap everything and gift it.
Sandals Gag Gift
Oh, for the love of shoes and sandals. Here's an ultimate gift for your shoe-lover friend. It's inexpensive, recyclable, and 100% creative, making it a perfect gift for your friend.
Straw Hat
Straw Hat Gag Gift
Know a craftsperson? Here's what you can do. Get a basket full of straw and gift-wrap it. On this, put a tag that says, "Make it Yourself Straw Hat."
Tissue Paper Gag Gift
A deceitful cake to the rescue for the cake-lover friend. It won't take you long to assemble the cake as you just need a couple of toilet paper rolls to make it.
Dumbbell Gag gift
We all have that one friend who is so very weight-conscious. This one is sure to have them exercise their face muscles. You need a rod or just a spool to attach the yarn bundles to make a dumbbell.
Yardstick Gag Gift
This one is for all those who are creative geniuses. I am sure there will be hysterical fits of laughter on opening the gift to find dry twigs as yardsticks.