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Homemade Food Gifts

Reshma Jirage Jun 18, 2019
Food gifts can bring a smile on the face of anyone who loves food. You can make the occasion more special by gifting a homemade item.
Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or a festival like Christmas; offering a beautiful gift is a unique way to celebrate the special occasion in a great way. But, you might be a bit confused, while selecting the gift for your family and friends.
Not to worry! With a variety of unique gift ideas, you can select anything like jewelry, personalized items, gift certificates, food gifts, etc.
They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So, food gifts are a perfect gift for any occasion. There is a wide variety of gourmet presents available in the market, or you can also make them on your own. Homemade presents, made with care and love, are unique and special.

The Ideas

Homemade food gifts pamper the taste buds of a receiver. If you have a bit of knowledge and interest in cooking, then you can easily prepare a variety of items such as cookies, cakes, and chocolates, all by yourself. You can pack them in attractive containers, trays, jars, or baskets.
You can also use flowers or colorful ribbons for a more decorative look. A few examples of popular homemade presents are spiced nuts, granola mix, jams, dried soup mix, pickles, barbeque rub, wine, chocolate truffles, fudge, and biscuits.
You can also make some delightful gift baskets with your creativity. Select a decorative basket and load it with a variety of foods such as candies, cookies, toffees, chocolates, and fruits.
You can make healthy baskets with the addition of fruits like oranges and apples, dried fruits, herbal or green tea, and low-fat granola. Take a look at a few recipes for some sumptuous presents that can be easily made at home:

Bean Soup Mix

◆ ¼ cup dried garbanzo beans
◆ ¼ cup dried red kidney beans, soy beans or pinto beans
◆ ¼ cup dried navy beans, black beans or Lima beans
◆ ¼ cup dried whole or split peas
◆ 2 tbsp whole wheat berries
◆ 2 tbsp dried celery flakes
◆ 3 tbsp minced dried onion
◆ 2 tsp instant beef bouillon granules
◆ 2 tbsp pearl barley
◆ ½ tsp dried basil, crushed
◆ 1 bay leaf
In an attractive glass jar, place each ingredient in a separate layer. Or, you can mix all the ingredients together and then pack the bean soup mix into the jar. Wrap the jar with a decorative fabric and present it to your loved ones.

Candy Turtles

◆ ½ lb soft caramel candy
◆ 1 cup pecan halves
◆ 1 tbsp whipping cream
◆ 8 oz semi-sweet or milk chocolate
In a bowl, mix together caramel candy and cream, and microwave the mixture for about 30 seconds. Stir it well and again microwave. Repeat the procedure, until cream and caramel are mixed well. Arrange the pecans on the wax paper in groups of three or four. Spread a tablespoon of caramel mixture over the nuts.
Allow it to set for about half an hour. Melt the chocolate in the microwave and dip the candies into the melted chocolate. Fill the candy turtles into a beautiful bottle or arrange in a tray in a decorative manner.
With these exceptional ideas, you can devise delightful presents for your near and dear ones. It is also a good opportunity to show your cooking skills and get appreciated by your family members and friends.