Holiday Gift Ideas for Men That Everyone Needs to Know

Holiday Gift Ideas for Men
Every holiday brings the opportunity to give presents to your loved ones. Men are known for owning expensive gadgets. So why not give them something they must have thought of buying. Holiday gift ideas for guys can seem challenging, but it actually is a piece of cake. If you know who you want to buy the gift for and what their likes and dislikes are, the actual shopping takes only a few hours.
GiftinGlory Staff
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
christmas family gifts
During the holidays, we always look forward to meeting our family and friends, and be able to spend quality time with everyone. But apart from all the wonderful food, drinks, and being able to sit with one another, who can forget the gifts. Without gifts, what good is a holiday and how can we show the people who matter the most to us that we love them. So no matter what holiday it may be, you can easily make it worthwhile and give that special guy in your life a gift he will never forget.
Hip Flask
hip flask
Add your creative and personalized touch with an engraved hip flask for your holiday gifts. This gift is a beautiful keepsake. You can engrave the receiver's name or initials with a small poem or quote that he may like. Give a gift that will last a lifetime, and a drinking flask serves the purpose.
Multilingual Translator
electronic translator
Looking for a gift for someone who loves to travel, or perhaps has to due to his work responsibilities? There may be times when he would be traveling to countries where English is not used so freely. Solve his dilemma by surprising him with a multilingual talking translator. Few models have almost 14 different languages installed in them and can speak most words and travel phrases that can be useful.
man and child fireworks
Looking for that unique gift idea? Well the fireworks will be your contribution to the perfect day. Check with your local police department for the laws and regulations regarding fireworks. It's for the child inside who occasionally loves to jump out and do something "manly".
Laptop Bag
laptop bag
A laptop has become a necessity in schools and offices, which gives you the perfect chance to present them with one of the most favorite holiday gift ideas, a laptop bag. Give it a personalized touch by engraving his initials on the bag. A leather laptop bag is smart, stylish, and durable which makes a lasting impression.
Club Membership
guys at club
Everyone has a hobby or something that interests them more than anything. Why not turn that into a yearlong gift. Get him signed up (all expenses paid by you, of course) to a club that sends a particular item every month. It can be something like wine, cheese, cigar, chocolates, coffee, fruit, and much more. In a way, this is a great holiday gift idea for men as they will be receiving the gift all yearlong. Every month he will get a new bottle of wine, gourmet cheese, box of cigars, etc.
Vest Harness for Dogs
dog car harness
The next gift is innovative and practical, which is actually not for the receiver, but his best friend. Some pet stores have actually come up with vest harness for dogs. When your dad, grandfather, or uncle is busy driving, the poor dog in the backseat might be moving with the car. So, for the dog to have a comfortable ride as well, this harness is used as a car restraint which doesn't choke the dog. It easily connects to the car seat belts and quickly becomes a chest protector for the pooch.
We are always wondering what to get guys. With the help of this article, you won't have to worry anymore. Surprise them with gifts that are unexpected or take one of our suggestions mentioned above. I'm sure you'll see the joy in their eyes.