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Handmade Gifts for Kids

Sujata Iyer Jan 22, 2019
Handmade gifts are one of the most creative and useful gifts to give kids. Here are some ideas that you can use.
Giving a gift to a kid can be quite a task, especially if the kid is picky and choosy about what he likes and very particular about what he does not. Giving the wrong gift can turn out to be nothing less than disastrous.
The expression on his face will say it all. And there's nothing heartbreaking than watching that sad expression on the kid's face when he gets something that he does not want, or he does not know how to use. One good option that you can use to prevent this is cute handmade gifts. Here are some ideas for the same.

Easy Gifts that You Can Make for Kids

Handmade gifts have many benefits. Firstly, they are one of the most inexpensive options for gifts. Secondly, making a gift adds a personal touch to it This makes the it even more special. What are the best options? Let's find out here.

Photo Album/Scrapbook

A handmade photo album is a great gift for kids. You can use old newspapers or an old book to make it and transform an old book into something creative and useful.
Give this photo album to the kid and ask him to paste his favorite photos in it. He can paste the best picture that is taken on his birthday every year. This way, the gift will be preserved for long too!

Snow Globe

Kids have always been fascinated with snow globes. There's something about the prettily falling white flecks that enchant the kids and take them to a whole new world. You'll be pleasantly surprised and you'll love to make them.
Another thing you can do is, gather all the material and gift it to him. When he looks befuddled, involve the kid in the making of the snow globe. He'll definitely enjoy making it and will love the final product even more.

Rag Doll

If something easy is what you're looking for, then there's no easier way to please a little girl than with a cute rag doll. It's not very difficult to make a rag doll either.
Just gather materials like paper, scissors, fabric, buttons, cotton or other stuffing, needles, sewing machine, etc. Trace out the outline on a paper, then cover it with fabric, add the stuffing, close up the folds and sew on the clothes and buttons and sew on a pretty smile. You can embroider a name for the doll as well.
Well, those were some unique ideas for handmade gifts that you can try out for kids. Have a great time making and gifting them.