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Handmade Gifts for Him

Puja Lalwani Feb 10, 2019
If you think handmade gifts are more special than the store-bought ones, here's a look at some very special ones. You can make one of these and give it to him as an expression of your love, and also show him how much you appreciate him being a part of your life.
He's special and makes you smile. He is the only person you want to share your happiness and problems with. He's the one you want to come home to at the end of the day. Last but not the least, he is the one you want to be with all your life.
Such sentiments are sometimes very difficult to express; however, you need to find some way to show him how special he is to you and how much he matters. More often than not, all of us resort to giving a gift as an expression of our love. This is perhaps one of the best ways to express how we truly feel.
While most of you may go out and buy something he's always been wanting, making something on your own adds that little personal touch to the gift. And it is not the gift that matters but the thought behind it.
If this is how you think, then here are some ideas you can pick from. This is to make and give him a gift that is not only useful to him but also appropriately shows him, you care that he cares.

Simple Handmade Gifts for Him

Now, we all know that you may not necessarily be skilled in the artistic department, but there's no harm in trying isn't it? The very fact that you have decided to make something for him implies that you are willing to make an effort towards creating something that he will appreciate. So, here's a look into some gifts that you can make for him easily.

A Case for His Gadgets

If he has an iPod touch, iPad, a Kindle, or any other gadget that requires care, you can easily make a wonderful case for him. Use colors such as gray, navy blue, bottle green, beige, chocolate brown, black, etc., to make the case. These are safe, neutral colors you can use.
Make use of fabrics, such as velvet or felt for a luxurious feel. Finally, if you wish to personalize it, go ahead and embroider his initials on it. How can he not love this one? Men love their gadgets and if you give him something to take care of them, they are bound to deeply appreciate it.

T-shirt With a Funny Saying

A simple idea that will please your man is a hand painted t-shirt. You can paint a funny quote or picture on it.
For instance, a mug of beer, or a quote, such as there's too much blood in my alcohol system, a quote that is characteristic of his personality is perfect for the t-shirt. If he is a big fan of a particular sport, paint something on those lines.
If you think painting a t-shirt is too difficult, you can go ahead and design a print on your computer, and have it printed on the t-shirt.

A Sketch of Both of You

If you have a good hand at drawing, a sketch that beautifully captures both of you is a great gift idea for him. If you are good at painting, make an oil painting with the same.
If you think sketching is not your forte, try out a caricature. Though it still requires skill, it doesn't require you to be perfect with the picture. Finally, if you think you can't do either, try making a painting of something that represents both of you. For instance, two horses, elephants, baseball bats, etc.
Whatever you think is characteristic of both of you, can make a great gift. It could probably have a bubble with both of you saying something that could easily transform it into a funny gift!


Now here's a very easy gift for you to make. For the man who loves reading, a bookmark is one of the best handmade gifts you can give him. Use card stock paper to make it.
You can go on to embellish it with a quote about reading, a photograph of his favorite author, a simple cartoon picture, or stamp it with different motifs.


Now, you may think how coasters are special. Here's how. A great girlfriend or a wife is someone who understands her man's needs and gives him the necessary space he needs. Make coasters for him that he can use with his gang of boys while watching the big game, or any other occasion.
Buy some inexpensive but plain plastic, wooden, or glass coasters. Paint pictures of pin up girls on them or simply put stickers of them on the coasters. Voila! Your gift is ready in a matter of minutes. He is going to think you are plain awesome when he sees these!

A Puzzle with a Message

A puzzle is a great choice if you want the gift to be romantic. Print or write out a romantic message for him on a thick piece of paper, such as stock paper.
Let the entire paper be covered with some kind of a design (say a picture of both of you, like a watermark) in the background. Don't make it too plain. Glue it thoroughly to a piece of cardboard of the same size. Ensure that there are no air bubbles between the paper and the cardboard, and that the paper has adhered to it properly.
Now use a utility knife to neatly cut out puzzle pieces from the message. These need not necessarily be jigsaw pieces, but randomly shaped pieces that can be put back together easily. Your gift is ready!
As mentioned here, when making a handmade gift, it is the thought that counts. No gift is less special than the other whether purchased or handmade. The idea is what you want to give him as an expression of your love for him. As long as it is straight from the heart, any gift can show that you care, love, and want him by your side forever.