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Handmade Gifts for Dad

Azmin Taraporewala Jun 22, 2019
Let the gratitude in you for your father unwrap on this birthday of his. Handmade gifts could be the ultimate theme you could pick. This would surely make him feel amazing. Gift something special for the very special 'first man' in your life.
You are allowed to go a bit creative when gifting ideas come into the picture. Handmade gifts carry the love, care and the gratitude that 'hand-picked' gifts don't. You would have to work hard to make a gift and present it to your father, but it would all be worth it.
Here are some fun-filled and simple ideas that are worth the smile on his face.

Photo Collage

Take a chart paper and paste some of those fun-filled pictures that capture your moments with him. How about dad holding you in his arms when you were just born, or standing with you holding the trophy you got for being the sports star of your school?
This would indeed be a nostalgic journey recreated with you and him playing the lead. You could also have his wedding photographs on board coupled with his 'those were the days' pictures where he looked all gawky but cute.


You could resort to making a personalized mug. You could have his name etched out on the mug with some of his favorite colors splashed on it. You could have the mug with a little tie, shoes, buttons, a shirt, or anything that spells Dad.

Message Board

A message board can be fun too. You could have his friends write naughty things about him on a chart paper.
You can have the pastiche work done on the chart paper as its background and have his friends jot down simple things that will make him all the more nostalgic.

Personalized T-Shirt

Decorate a T-shirt with his favorite football team logo, or the logos of cars he generally 'vouches' for or just paint some of his frequently used phrases. You can have funny faces or his favorite cartoon on it which can give him a hearty laugh. You could also have a personalized cap made.

Clutter Box

Well, this may sound funny, but fathers do have a customized box where they feel free to dump. Your dad could have a box that holds almost everything when he empties his pocket - his car keys, loose change, and his contact cards.
All you need to do is, take a nice new box, stick some beads, buttons, and color it with a sober shade. A homemade gift that aids him sort out his untidy drawer, is indeed like helping him out with his clutter management.
Now that you know what to make for him, adding a card displaying your art and craft abilities would be a great idea to accompany the gifts.
A heart-shaped card or a card made with his favorite dessert and cuisine picture glued on it can have his mouth water for those delicacies. You could also refer to some classic artifacts that will help you display your emotions towards daddy dearest.
To make the gifts all the more special, you could think about the gift wrapping technique as well. You could wrap it in a pastiche or collage pattern stuck on a chart paper and make it look funky. Handmade gifts are here to melt your dad's heart with love and compassion, and could well be among the best gifts you have ever given him.