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Handmade Gift Ideas

Deepa Kartha Apr 19, 2019
Handmade gifts make the receiver feel special as some thought has gone into making them. Also, they prove to be quite reasonable and inexpensive. Here are some gift options for various occasions that you can consider.
Gifts are something that are given to loved ones to express our feelings for them. Be it Christmas, a birthday, valentine's day, or any such special occasion, giving a gift always makes the other person feel special.
However, buying presents from the gift shop can prove expensive and many times, once the initial excitement dies down, the gift remains in a corner, unnoticed.
However, handmade gifts are inexpensive as compared to those that we buy from gift shops. The beauty of these gifts is that the time and thought that goes into them makes them truly special for the recipient.
Nevertheless, many people do not favor this option because they feel that it is very difficult as well as well as time-consuming. Though making a gift at home may take some time, it is not actually a difficult process. Moreover, the satisfaction that you receive is worth all the efforts you have taken.

Handmade and Creative Gift Ideas

These gifts are not restricted to a particular occasion or person and can be given on birthdays, valentine's day, anniversaries, etc. Here are some ideas that you can consider.

For Birthdays

One of the best ideas will be baking a large chocolate cake for the birthday boy or girl. Cakes are loved by kids as well as adults alike, and baking one of your own will make it that much more special.
You can either refer to a dessert recipe book or look on the Internet for ideas. With cake mixes and other instant mix products, baking a cake is no longer a difficult process.
If you have kids at home, then they must be getting called for birthday parties almost every month. Though kids love to go to parties, buying a gift every time may put a strain on your budget.
You and your kids can make birthday gifts at home together. This is not only a creative way to spend time, but also a chance for you to bond with them.
One such gift idea is to make a nameplate with the birthday kid's name on it. Take a rectangular-shaped piece of wood and make two holes in its head. Ask your kids to color both sides of the wood and decorate it using glitters, stones, bows, ribbons, etc.
Write the name of the kid with paint in the center and connect the two holes with a rope. The birthday child can hang it outside his/her room.

For Valentine's Day

Most people feel that gifting their loved one on valentine's day is very difficult. However, it can be easy if you put your heart into it. Rather than an expensive gift, a small gesture is enough to increase the romance in your relationship.
One such special gift idea for a girlfriend will be to write a poem for her. If you think that coming up with a poem is not something that you can do, then you can write a letter. Rather than writing on a colorful or decorative paper, you can make it unique by writing it on a paper that has your hand print.
Choose an oil paint color that you like and paint your hand with it. Make an impression of your hand on a piece of paper and write down your feelings about her on it. She will surely find it special and treasure it forever.
If your boyfriend is a music lover, then making a CD of his favorite songs will be an ideal gift. Look for songs of the music genre that he loves the most and copy them all in a CD. You can also make the CD cover yourself or else print a picture according to the genre of songs that you have selected.

For Christmas

Instead of buying gifts for your family, friends, and other relatives for Christmas, you can make them at home.
For kids, you can make refrigerator magnets with their photographs on it. Collect their photos and cut them into small squares and circles. Cut some cardboard in the same shapes and stick the photographs on them. Attach magnets on the back of the cardboard and gift wrap it.
For an older person, a personalized album is a great idea. There are many shops where you can get hold of inexpensive photo albums. Decorate these with decorative paper or fabric and write the name of the recipient on it.

For Parents

There are several ways in which children can make simple handmade gifts that their parents will love and appreciate.
One really good option for mom is to make a recipe book with all her favorite recipes. You can also take the help of your father or older siblings to do this.
Pick out some recipes from the Internet or a cookbook and write them down in a new book. If you have good artistic skills, you can draw the picture of the dish adjacent to the recipe or just print one from the Internet. Decorate the book cover with your mom's picture and inscribe her name on it.
A handmade fabric handbag or simply a handmade handbag, like a tote, is also a good gift idea.
One of the best gifts for dad is a scrapbook. You can buy a scrapbook at reasonable prices from a local store. Collect pictures of your dad and yourself and stick them in the book.
Fill it up by writing about why you love your dad and also decorate it with drawings, stickers, glitter, etc.
Another idea will be to paint a T-shirt. You either take one of his T-shirts or buy one with your pocket money. Make hand prints as well as footprints on both its sides by keeping a cardboard in the center. Let the paint dry. Then, using a fabric marker, write a message on it like 'love you dad' or 'dad, you are the best'.
You can come up with more innovative and unique handmade ideas with the help of your creativity. So, make a handmade gift and enjoy watching the surprised look on your dear one's face.