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Great Gifts for Dad

Mrunmayi Deo Mar 12, 2019
A gift is the perfect way to make your dad's day. If it's something personal, he'll be able to treasure it forever. Here are some ideas for presents you could give your father.
Presenting gifts to our parents on their birthday or on Mother's or Father's day is a great way of showing how much they mean to us. Although sometimes it's hard to pick the right one. Here are some presents that your father is sure to love.

Personalized t-shirt/jersey

This is one of the coolest Father's day gifts you can give. Have the family name printed on the back of the t-shirt/jersey and and his nickname on the front in the color of your choice. He'll enjoy wearing it out during family picnics or vacations.

Personalized poem

Write a sentimental and creative poem, and put it in a picture frame. If you aren't much of a poet, you could always choose a nice poem from the Internet.

Custom tie

A custom tie would be perfect for a businessman. A tailored suit is incomplete without one. Create a one-of-a-kind tie by getting some images or stylish designs printed on it. He can use it as office wear or even for formal family events.

Family portrait on canvas

This can be a good gift from all the family members. Turning your best family photo into canvas art will surely put a smile on his face. Another option would be to make a collage with the best family photos or with pictures of him from when he was a kid. This will be perfect to hang in his bedroom.

Wine and dinner

Buying a premium wine bottle of his choice would be great. Another option would be to cook his favorite food for a nice sophisticated family dinner.
You could also give him chocolates and flowers, and play his favorite music for dinner. This will be a birthday that he will remember for the rest of his life.

Massaging bed rest

A massaging bed rest to help relieve sores and muscle fatigue is a present he can use for a long time. Choose one with a high-speed pulsating massage to make him feel relaxed at home.

Customized mug

A unique mug will make his mornings wonderful. Get something goofy that will make him laugh every morning, like a donut mug. You could also make a personalized photo mug.


With a cookbook, he'll be the new hero of the kitchen. If your father wants to try his hand at cooking, then a cookbook will teach him the basics.
Get one of his favorite cuisine. If he orders in a lot of Chinese food, a Chinese cookbook would let him have his favorite food whenever he wanted without having to get takeout.

Spend time with him

The best gift would simply be to spend the entire day with him. Go out for a movie and organize a lunch or dinner at his favorite restaurant. A nice homemade cake would make the day complete.
You can always make homemade gifts, maybe something like a birthday card or hand painted ceramic mug. You could write a letter to him, it'll be a welcome change from emails.