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Great Gift Ideas That are Sure to Light Up a Wine Lover's Eyes

Great Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers
We all love our glasses and our drink, and an avid wine drinker will never say no to a couple of these gifts. Here, we will help you choose the perfect gift for a wine lover.
GiftinGlory Staff
Last Updated: Sep 18, 2018
"Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle."
― Paulo Coelho, Brida
Wine bottles on present basket
What will a wine lover enjoy the most? Gifting a bottle of wine absolutely makes sense, but why restrict yourself to just a bottle. You can give a set of crystal wine glasses, a tote with all the needed essentials, portable wine sacks, or a mini wine tasting set as well.
Grape Cheese Figs And Honey
Wine trays, caddies, exotic cheese, cork candles, and wine-infused goodies make excellent gift options too.
Wine Shelf
A bar cart, mini cellar, and cabinets are some of the things you could consider giving if you are ready to actually splurge. Among the interesting and unique gift ideas are wine barrel cuff-links, chalkboard signs to mark the different varieties of wine, aerators, and engraved glasses.
Crochet coaster
Coasters and a set of glasses in silver are sure to have the right impact on wine aficionados. That said, it is time to view the possible gifts that are sure to place you in good books with a wine enthusiast.
Wine Coolers
Wine coolers
Wine chillers and ice buckets make a perfect gift for those who love their drink chilled. Opt for the quirky, unusual, and exquisite wine coolers.
Wine Decanters
Wine decanters
Among the most essential tools, a wine connoisseur ought to have is a wine decanter.
Sommelier In The Wine Cellar
You can choose from metal decanters or clear glass ones. Try to get your hands on an antique decanter that will serve the purpose.
Exotic Wine
Exotic wine
Hunt for the most exotic wine that you can find and present this as a gift. Old and rare wines are sure to catch the fancy of a wine enthusiast.
Stoppers and Openers
Stoppers and openers
Among the most important things that one needs while consuming wine is a sturdy opener and a bottle stopper.
Corks In A Glass
The catch is to think unique, and you are sure to find something that will catch your eye.
Wine Racks
Wine racks
How about splurging a tad extra and purchasing a sleek wooden wine rack?
If you are ready to relax your budget a bit, you can even buy a mini wine refrigerator that will keep your wine enthusiast thrilled. You could get a portable wine rack engraved with a quirky wine quote and present this to your loved one.
Wine Dispensers
Wine dispensers
If your wine enthusiast loves making wine himself/herself, you could think of gifting a barrel that will hold the wine.
Bottles and cask of wine
Besides, a mini oak barrel that dispenses wine seems to be a perfect gift idea.
Wine Cradles
Wine cradles
How about a gift that holds the wine bottle in style?
An elegant wine cradle is the answer when you are looking for something that is economical as well as being extremely handy.
Wine Basket
Wine basket
Pack in a bottle or two of wine, a bunch of grapes, and a good slice of cheese to make a perfect gift basket for the one who loves to sip on wine.
Christmas gift baskets
You can add in a set of engraved glasses to make it complete.
Wine Bottles
Wine bottles
Finally, if you do not find anything else, you can always end up with a good old wine bottle. That should do more than bring a smile on the face.
Apart from this, you could sponsor a wine-tasting session or a grape-crushing session. Other gifts include, digital wine thermometers, instant wine chillers, and cork stools.