Great Gift Ideas for Moms

When it comes to buying a gift for your mom, how much thought do you really put in it? Mothers are special. They have given us the gift of life and the ability to use this gift to the fullest. So, are you planning on making a tiny attempt at reciprocating the favor? Here are a few great gift ideas for moms that you can try out and make that super-special lady feel super-loved.
GiftinGlory Staff
Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018
A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.
Tenneva Jordan
Let me start by saying that a mother is probably the most unappreciated person in the family. Compared to the work she does, and the love she showers on every member of the family, she deserves much, much more. Truly, the comparison of a mother being God's substitute on Earth is justified. But when it comes to giving back, sadly we remain lacking. Well, it is time to change all that. Use this article to go and get your mother a gift, and do it now. Don't wait for an occasion, she deserves a gift every day for all she went through to bring you up. The least you can do is gift her something she will love, just out of the blue.
In this article, we have given you a few ideas to get started. Try to choose a gift something that will be special, and mean something to your mom. Don't just pick an option from here because it's an occasion, and you think you should get her a gift.
Best Gifts for Your Mother
Book as a gift
If your mom is a book freak like mine, then a good read is always welcome. If you come across a book that she may like, pick it up for her. If possible, you can even get her favorite book autographed by the author, and present it to her. This will be more meaningful than just a book. Make sure you gift wrap the book well, and write a message to make it more personal.
Jewelry box
When it comes to buying gifts for women, you can't go wrong with jewelry, no matter who it is. What you have to keep in mind though, is that your mom will probably prefer more sophisticated and elegant jewelry items. Depending on your budget, you can go in for rings, necklaces, bracelets, or even earrings. Something simple and elegant in gold will definitely put a smile on her face.
Just like shoes, a woman cannot have enough handbags. Choose a good, trendy, yet functional handbag, preferably from a big brand, and see your mother's face glow with delight. When shopping for a handbag, make sure you choose something unique, that she does not have. If she has been hinting at a bag she has wanted, and has not had the time to buy, then your work is done. Keep in mind the activities that she does throughout the day, so you can find something suitable for her.
Though they say buying cookware or other home appliances does not count as a gift as it increases her work, cookware can make a good gift, if chosen well. If your mom loves cooking, then you can get her an appliance that will make her task easier. If she loves entertaining, then you can choose elegant crockery that will make her proud to serve her scrumptious dishes in. Just make sure you are not adding to her work (don't get her an ice cream maker if it is you who likes ice cream and not her).
Clothes are another option where you will not be stuck for choice, however, unlike jewelry, you can go horribly wrong here. Make sure of her size before you buy anything, you don't want to embarrass her by buying something too small and giving her the impression that she has put on weight. Also, keep her age in mind, and opt for something elegant. Coats, jackets, shawls, and scarves are safe bets when it comes to gifting clothes for your mom.
Magazine Subscription
Based on her interests, you can also gift her a magazine subscription, but please think beyond magazines on cooking. Good ideas include interior decorating, fashion, celebrity gossip, or anything that you know your mom would like reading. If she has an ebook reader, these can be in the electronic form as well, however, there is nothing to beat a real conventional paper magazine.
Spa Membership
Spa equipments
To reward her for all the hard work she does every day, you can gift her a spa membership. Make sure the spa is not too far away though, this should be her time to relax, not stress about the time it takes to reach there and back. You can include various types of spa treatments with this gift, from a simple massage, to an exotic fish pedicure.
Every woman uses some cosmetics, and while we agree that mothers might not use too many or too much, there are a few basic ones that can make for a good gift idea. Moms, no matter how old they get, always try to look their best. You could help her out by buying her a makeup set. Agreed, it is something that she may already have, but a makeup set will show that you still think she is beautiful and young. Trust me, she will love it.
I know we have mentioned to look beyond cooking when it comes to gifts for moms, but getting her a cookbook can be a good idea if she loves to cook. If you know of some cuisine she is contemplating on, then a cookbook for that cuisine can be the perfect gift for her. Along with the cookbook, you can get her a cookbook stand, or a recipe holder, so she can use her gift with ease.
When it comes to gadgets, you will never run out of options to buy. You could buy your mom an iPad, which will let her be connected the whole day, or an iPod, for her to listen to her favorite tunes. If she needs a new phone, then you can get her one of the new smartphones. If she likes photography, then a good point and shoot camera can make for a good gift. Like we said, the options can be pretty endless here. Just make sure you get her something that she can use.
These were some ideas you could use to get a gift for your mom. You could also book her on a trip and force her to take that holiday she never does, or for a change, throw a surprise party for her. However, as you know your mom the best, you will also know what she needs, and more importantly, what makes her happy. Choose something that she will treasure, and will show that you love her dearly. And remember, it does not always have to be bought, or be materialistic either. Something that you make will be treasured much more than anything you can buy. The simplest and best gift that you can give your mother is one day in each week off, where you handle all her duties, and just let her just relax.