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Great Gift Ideas for Dad

Rashida Khilawala Apr 17, 2019
Great gifts for dad are not tough to find. But, every dad must know how much his child thinks about him. So here are some gift ideas for your dad!
It is still believe that dads and fatherhood are highly underrated. We mean, yes, moms are very important, they have a divine presence and all. But, dads are the ones who hold your hand and teach you to walk. Dads are the ones who will not tell you what to do, but will ask you what it is that you wish to do.
They will accept you for what you are, no questions, no alterations. They will push you to achieve your dreams, and fulfill all that you can. They will support you in life, the way they used to in the park when you were a kid.
Gifts for dads should be given thought and attention. While we know that all are not capable of it, you have the option of choosing from this tiny list, to come up with the best presents.

Secret Adventure

In today's high paced world, where everyone is busy, getting a day free can be hard. Well, speak to your dad's boss. Make sure he gets a day off. Do not let him know about it. Then when he is at his office entrance―KIDNAP him. Yes, it will be tough if your dad is as strong as mine. But, do it.
Then take him out for a day picnic to a place that he would like. Gift him a day with the family that he loves. Do all that he wants, if he loves fishing, go fishing. If he loves movies, go on a movie spree. Let the day be his choice. With one exception, if he wants to go back to work―don't let him.

Day of Indulgence

While the womenfolk's interest in spas in well-known, men also would love a day of pampering. Though, we strongly feel that they would not appreciate being alone. Book your dad and mom (or his girlfriend/wife) a day at the spa. Make sure they keep the appointment. Gift him a day filled with relaxation and pampering with the woman he loves.

Memory Book

Is your dad the kind who loves to look at memories? Well, most dads are. As such, a really great gift for your dad would be a handmade album of your memories with him. From photographs to incident narrations.
Through this album you can tell him that you remember all the days gone by, and you can also tell him what you felt then. Like if you are narrating the incident just before an exam when you were nervous, the way he shouted at you to believe in yourself. You can write in the album how at that time you took it as a challenge, and later as a gift!

Hobby Time

In the process of raising us, dads tend to forget their real interests. Like, if your dad is fond of plays and operas, we are sure that he had to put it on hold while raising you. For Father's Day, gift him tickets to a play, or a concert of an artist whom he likes.
If possible, you can also give him backstage passes, so that he gets to meet the artist. This gift will show him that while he was busy ignoring himself and looking out for you, you had a keen eye on his back as well.

Surprise Party

Throw a surprise party in honor of your father. What is the occasion? Well, it will be a surprise when there is no real occasion. Just gather his best friends and close family and have a get together at the house.
Cook up his favorite menu and have the place look the way he would like it. In fact, you can even give him a 'Best Dad in the World' award at this party. Make it a celebration of life and love. We are sure that even the toughest dad will be touched by the sentiment.
We believe that a gift has to be from the heart and given with love. So, even if none of these sentimental gifts suit you, we have a suggestion. Get him what he really wants, and give it to him with all the love you can muster. Don't forget to tell him how much you love him. This is where we sign off! All the love to all the dads!!