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Goody Bag Ideas for Toddlers

Tulika Nair Oct 13, 2018
After your kid's birthday party, show your appreciation to your guests by handing out goody bags. Many innovative ideas to create take away goody bags that the kids will love are given here. Read on!
When kids are young, it is a difficult task for parents to ask them to let go of a present when attending birthday parties. As a parent, it is a good idea to have some party favors ready for toddlers to make them happy and feel special. Ensure to keep the goody bag innovative.

Innovative Goody Bags for Toddlers

While organizing a birthday party, deciding a theme is one of the very important decisions one needs to take.
Depending on the favorite activities of your kid, decide a theme that excites him or her. Once you have decided the party theme, think of a fun goody bag that would match your theme. You could stay simple with bags, decorated with images that are symbolic of the theme.
If you plan to do something grander, then one of the best birthday ideas is to use a container that represents the theme. For example, if the theme is beach party, you can use miniature sand buckets as goody bags. In case of Halloween theme, then use a plastic jack-o-lantern as the goody bag. These goody bags will definitely be better than the ordinary ones.
You could also go for homemade gifts, that match with the theme. If you have a son, and the party is a sports themed one, then goody bag can include, miniature footballs, shoelaces, baseball cards, etc.
For a girl, depending upon the theme, you may have favors like necklaces or costume jewelry. Ensure that the gifts are age appropriate as well. Put in gifts like coloring books, crayons, stuffed toys that are appropriate for toddlers.
Also, a set of craft materials, bubbles, puzzles, stick on tattoos, hair ornaments, notepads, etc. are a few good options for younger children. Depending on your budget, you could also put in gift certificates/cards.
Remeber to personalize the bag for the guests. This will make the children very happy. Click Polaroid pictures of every kid with the birthday boy or girl, and stick them on the goody bags. You could have their name on the bags and on the balloons. Check with their parents about what their favorite candies are and put in a couple of these in the goody bag.
Personalizing favors will ensure that the kids leave the party extremely happy. These are just some of the ideas for goody bags that you can make use of. With all the ideas shared here, and proper planning for the birthday, you can ensure the party to be a huge success.