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7 Gifts for Women Under $20

Madhura Pandit Oct 14, 2018
The best gifts are not always the ones that are expensive. Don't believe it? Take a look at these gift ideas, all available under $20, and pick one for the woman you love.
No celebration, birthday, anniversary, etc., is complete without a cake and a gift. And, even if you are broke, you will be inclined to gift something to that special woman in your life on a special occasion.
You do not have time to make something yourself. In that case, do not worry, there are several inexpensive gift ideas that will help you find the perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, friend, sister, or your mom.

Inexpensive Gifts for Women

Gifts need not be expensive, but, they should be expressive. Even if you have got the most inexpensive gift for your girl, make sure it is thoughtful and something she loves. For e.g., if she likes dressing up and shopping, gift her a make-up kit, or if she likes adventure, give her something related to camping and adventure.


Makeup is something every woman uses and loves, right from teenagers to women above 60 years of age. You will find a makeup kit, makeup bag, individual makeup items like lipstick, eye liner, mascara, etc., well in your budget.
Secondly, a set of colorful nail polish can also be a good and inexpensive option, especially for teenage girls.


Although women are in and out of their diet several times, they secretly crave for sweets and chocolates. There are very few women who can resist chocolates.
Assorted chocolates, chocolate swirl cookies, chocolate chip cookies, fruit cakes, etc., are simple gifts for women of every age.


Just like clothes, women can never have enough handbags and purses. You can get colorful handbags and purses of all sizes and shapes at inexpensive rates.
You can also shop for designer-inspired handbags online on shopping sites. If she likes traveling or sports, you can buy her a duffel bag.


Another idea is jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is very popular these days and can be obtained within this price range. You can look for cubic Zircon pendant, silver chain, Swarovski crystal pendants, silver rings, etc.
Similarly tribal and junk jewelry, beaded jewelry can also suit your budget.


If she loves cooking, you can look for cool tableware within your budget. You can buy coffee or tumbler mugs, wine and cheese set, sushi tray, a beer mug, colorful table napkins, apron, candle stand, etc.

Gift Basket

Now this is my personal favorite. A gift basket has everything one can expect.
You can buy a customized gift basket, or simply throw in all the little things she loves (her favorite foods, chocolates, etc.) or which remind you of her, in a decorative basket and gift it to her. This is a perfect gift for women of all age groups.

Gift Certificate

If you cannot zero down on a single idea, you can always buy a gift certificate for her. Consider gift certificates for a manicure and pedicure at small salons, iTunes, book, amazon gift cards, etc.

Some More Ideas

  • Clothes
  • Scarves
  • Sports jersey/T-shirts
  • Keepsake box
  • Photo purse
  • Wine bottle
  • Charm bracelets
  • Birthstone jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Personalized frames/clocks
  • Books
  • Scrapbook
  • Collage
Lastly, keep in mind that although inexpensive, your gift should be meaningful and show your love and care for her. Lastly, as one of the best tips, as a last minute gift, just buy some flowers or take her out on a drive, she'll love it!