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Wondrous Gifts for Women Over 50

Neha Joshi Oct 12, 2018
Finding it difficult to gift her something unique? Something that will match the elegance of her age? Here's some help!
Once a woman crosses the age of 50, she probably has everything that she needs. She's  got all the types of gifts―exorbitant, inexpensive, handmade, etc. The charm lies in gifting her something unique that she'll treasure forever. Depending on how you're related to her and your budget, gift her something from the options mentioned here.

Something to Remember

Plan a surprise party for her this year. Don't just invite family and friends, call the entire circle―colleagues, acquaintances, etc.
While the invitations are being made and sent out, make a video montage. Take help from family and her friends to add surprising elements to this montage; have someone talk about the moments shared in the montage. Buy her a brand new dress, equipped with elegant accessories for this event. Wow! Won't this be a party?


Diamonds are and will always be a woman's best friend. But, don't you think she'll already have them? Gift her a gemstone she doesn't own. Find out the ones she already owns and start finding her one that will add to her collection.
If you have a tight budget, you can consider gifting her a semi-precious stone, instead of a precious one. Just like the type, the size of the stone will depend on your budget.
You can write a small note with this gift that says―one more came looking for you, for without you, it felt nothing matched its beauty.

A Vacation

Vacations make superb gifts. Even though you gift someone a vacation every year, you can select a different place each time. If the family finds it difficult to meet up often, you can have a holiday planned for everyone.
The lucky lady will have a great gift this way―spending time with family in a faraway land. To make it extra special, let this be a surprise. Have her bags packed, tickets ready, and bookings done. What's left? Breaking this out to her and flying her away that very moment.


Perfumes are common but how about making a perfume for her? Yes. Approach a perfume-making company and share your idea with them. There are many such companies. you can even make your own perfume.
See her collection of perfumes and understand the fragrances she has a liking for. Also, make a small, wooden box as the cover for the perfume. Once she's done using the perfume, she can keep this gift as a memento.

An Entire Wardrobe

Want to gift something that's too much? Gift her an entire wardrobe. Ten new dresses, accessories, shoes, etc. Exhaust your entire budget. Replace the old ones with the new; let her wake up to a new wardrobe! Won't any woman love that?
Gifting something unique is never a big deal; you just have to think differently. So, this year, how are you going to make her birthday special?