Gifts for Pregnant Women

Gifts for Pregnant Women
Choosing gifts for pregnant women can be a challenging task, because one may not understand what seems the best for them during pregnancy. This article provides information about some gift ideas for pregnant women.
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Pregnancy is a time filled with changes in a woman's life. From physical to emotional, there are lots of new things a pregnant woman encounters. Some are welcoming, while others are disconcerting. A great gift for pregnant women would be anything that can add a touch of comfort or bring a smile on the expecting mom's face. Purchasing unique gifts for a pregnant women can be quite challenging.
Comfortable U Pillow
A U pillow enables the pregnant woman to sleep comfortably from head to toe. It's the ideal thing to cradle into and also provides relief from back and shoulder aches during pregnancy. Since it's flexible, it enables her to sleep in several positions; right from her sides to lying on her back comfortably. Moreover, this pillow is stuffed with Fusion Fiber, which is a fluffy and soft material. The whole pillow molds itself to the shape of the body and surrounds the pregnant woman in a cocoon. What's a better gift than uninterrupted, restful sleep!
Essential Oils
Pregnancy often becomes very uncomfortable by all the morning sickness, swollen ankles, aching back and tired muscles. Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to ease the stress and fatigue. Essential oils in the air bring about a calm and cool environment, thereby soothing the pregnant mom's mind. Since, not all essential oils are favorable for pregnant women, it is important you check with the doctor or the store regarding the oil you are purchasing. Lavender, lemon and geranium are suitable for pregnant women.
A monthly prenatal massage is one of the best gifts for a pregnant women. Get her a spa prenatal massage certificate and let her pamper herself at the beauty salon. In addition to the massage, you could also get her a facial, manicure and pedicure certificate from the salon as well. Just make sure the certificate is from her favorite salon.
Breakfast in Bed
Serving a light breakfast in bed will cheer a pregnant mom. Depending on what she can eat and her cravings at that time, set a light but nutritious breakfast for her and surprise her in the morning. Surprise breakfasts in bed are always welcome and even better during pregnancy.
Bouncing Ball or Birthing Ball
Sitting and standing becomes difficult as the pregnancy progresses. The sofa normally causes her to sink in, thereby making it tough for her to get up. Large bouncing balls are good gifts, because their firm structure makes them easy to sit and easy to get up from. This large, inflatable ball is also used to ease the pain experienced during labor. It is also useful to do exercises in preparation for labor.
Pregnant women love reading books about prenatal development, nursing, baby names and baby care. There are scores of books available on these topics. You could buy her a few of these books and pack it in a nice little basket. You could also put in a pregnancy scrapbook, for the expecting mom to make notes of the progresses in her pregnancy. Or else if you could pick up a baby book, wherein she can record precious details of her baby, when he or she is born.
Comfortable Clothes and Shoes
Since the body shape and size of a woman changes during pregnancy, pregnant women require loads of maternity clothes. You could get her a comfortable pair of cute pajamas or a luxurious robe that can make her feel pampered. Or else you could get the Aimee bra-less nursing nightgown, which is a nightgown loved by scores of pregnant women across the globe. Made up of 90% cotton and 10% lycra, it is stretchable and is very comfortable. For comfortable shoes you could get crocs or flat fuzzy slippers. However, since size becomes an issue, it's better to give her a gift certificate from a maternity outlet, wherein, she can go and pick up the clothes she likes.
Buying gifts for pregnant women would become easier when you choose it for your near and dear ones. Depending on individual personality, tastes vary, so make sure you know the person's taste before you purchase a gift.
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