Gifts for Men Under $20

Cash-strapped but looking for a memorable gift for your man? Getting the perfect gift for him under $20 can be quite difficult even if you know what he likes or dislikes. We'll make it easy for you. Here are a few inexpensive gift ideas for you to choose from. Read on for the best buy.
They say that a man must woo a woman by showering her with gifts. Well, okay. I admit that we women are always at the receiving end (pun intended). But, there are a few times in a year when you need to gift your man too - his birthday, graduation, house-warming, job promotion, Christmas or when you are playing the Secret Santa. What I dislike the most is how everyone goes on and on about what to gift a woman but nobody tells us what to gift a man. Add to that, if you have a budget of 20$, what on earth are you supposed to gift him apart from the cliché wallet, pen, tie or cufflinks? I certainly was in a dilemma for the last Valentine's day and after gluing my eyes to the internet for a gazillion years, I finally came with some unique ideas as gifts for men that I would absolutely love to share with you ladies. Even if you are looking for a gift for your son, brother, friend or colleague, I hope this compilation will help.

The key to gifting a man is to buy him something that, if not out-of-the-box, is at least durable and useful in his day-to-day life. Men aren't very picky about their gifts. Below are mentioned a few presents under $20 that you can easily gift them without coming across as mingy.

Inexpensive Gifts for Men

MusicGifts music
A man who loves music, will appreciate this gift beyond measure. To make this gift more personalized, you can burn a CD of a compilation of his favorite tracks with a voice message from you. Check out online shopping sites for great deals and discounts. If your guy is a fitness freak, burn a workout CD. Is he an aspiring musician? Then, get him a musical instrument help-books. It will even show your support towards his musical passion.

Irrespective of your man's nature, clothing is a gift item, that never fails. T-shirts are a safe bet. They usable, durable, and wearable. Buy them in his favorite color or the basic ones like black, blue, green, red, white, and yellow. Men, who enjoy dressing in casuals, will love this gift even more. There are so many options to choose from - collared tees, stripped t-shirts, plain t-shirts, music detector tees, Wi-Fi detector tees, and the list can go on and on. Add a little funk with t-shirts printed with sassy slogans. You can also get them personalized with one of the lines that repeats a lot or his favorite cartoon character, a picture of his passion or his own whacky photograph.

Men may not love jewelry, but they sure do like accessories. Cigar holders, cigarette holders, beer mugs, fancy openers, lighters and Zippo lighters, pocket watches, sports-themed caps, hip flasks, football flags (of his favorite team), after shaves, water bottles, organizers, cases for cell phones, iPods or mp3 players as well as other well-suited accessories for their gadgets are some nifty ideas to gift a man on the cheap. Men aren't very fussy about cosmetics or aesthetics, however fragrant candles and aromatherapy bath accessories will make for excellent gifts.

Gadgets Under $20
Boys and their toys - a handy reading light, a multitasking cutter, an electronic shaver or a shaving kit, LED faucet light, shower radio, an all-purpose travel charger, mechanical paperweight (yes, you read that right) or a simple alarm clock to help him wake up early. These are typical guy-gadgets that not just look cool, but, he'll use them too. Plus, they all cost under $20 and you can easily find them at a gift store near you or order them online.

Chocolate Box
Who says only women dig chocolates? As far as I remember, all the fights that I have had over the last chocolate in the box have been with a man. Besides, they say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, which make a chocolate box a fine option to gift a man. Get him his favorite and you'll see him devouring them like a child. You can easily score a chocolate box under 20$. If you can't find one, make him a goodie bag of some chocolates. Simple.

Greeting Cards
These days, giving greeting cards has decreased significantly, yet, they can be one of the best gifts for guys under $20. Greeting cards come with a lot of variety and patterns, which makes it easier for you to shop for him. You can simply go to an arts and crafts shop and buy cards. If you are lucky, you might even get them on sale. I'd suggest you to get the biggest one you can find under $20. It will definitely put a smile on his face.

"As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information." ~ Benjamin Disraeli.
Books are a man's best friend and worth the investment. Find out the book that he has been dying to read. You can also gift him one written by his favorite author that he hasn't read already. Most books are available under 20$ and make for powerful gifts if they interest the reader. If the man in question still hasn't lost his boy streak, comic books are a great option too. After all, every man at some point of time fantasized being a superhero. Gift him a book that is in sync with his passion; for example, if he is crazy about automobiles, buy him a book that dishes out fascinating information about them. Men are visual creatures, so even a pictorial book will do.

Mini Liquor Bottles
If he is an alcohol drinker or collector, this can be the perfect gift for him. In fact, mini liquor bottles won't cost you much as a 250 ml to 500 ml bottle will be priced between $2 to $5 each. If you are eying a bottle of exotic liquor, you can easily get one for less than $20. Go to the nearest store selling liquor and purchase the miniature of all his favorites. This way you can take control of your budget while personalizing the blend of mini liquor bottles that you want to gift him. In fact, you could even get your hands on artistically designed bottles especially made for the collector. If he is in to cigars, get him a box of cigars with exotic flavors.

Stationery Items
If your son, brother or boyfriend is a college student, then giving him good-quality stationery items such as pencils, erasers, dividers, stencils, paints, paper clip holder, etc. They have a great utility for students and especially help while studying subjects such as drawing, sketching and geometry. It is also appropriate for those involved in professions that require them to use a lot of stationery such as architects, engineers, writers, painters, etc.

Personalized Gifts
Get his name engraved on something that he uses often along with the date. You can even stitch him name yourself on a new pair of socks, handkerchiefs, or any other personal items. You can also get a picture of him printed on a beer or coffee mug and personalize with a message. If you have a budget of $20 and want to gift a man something nice, you can always be creative and put your crafting skills to good use and make something for him like a photo album or knit a muffler. Another cheap gift idea for a man is to bake him a batch of his favorite cupcakes.

Other thoughtful gifts under $20 include; if he likes to cook, stitch him an apron; if he is a gadget-freak, make him a cord organizer so he can avoid wasting his time trying to detangle the wires in future; if he is a coffee-drinker, make him a coffee mug sleeve; if he is a hiker, gift him a new tent; if he loves beer, a beer brewing kit would be perfect for him. Apart from these, there are many small yet sweet things that you can give him such as an eyeglass holder, book ends or a magazine subscription of a journal you know he will like to receive all year round. Putting the gift to a fruitful use is a surefire way to get the person to cherish it. I hope this men's gift guide will serve your purpose and fill your man's heart with joy on receiving it. Happy gifting!