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Gifts for Men Over 60

Tulika Nair Oct 21, 2018
Choosing gifts for men is always difficult especially if you are looking for gifts for men who are more than sixty years old. Here, we try and pick out the best gifts for men who are over 60.
You may have to pick out a gift for your father, your uncle, or even your partner. Whoever the gift is for it is important that the gift be something that they will appreciate and will be able to use.
A man in his sixties may have most probably retired from work and may have a lot of time on his hand to indulge in leisure activities and hobbies that he had no time for earlier. It is your turn to express your love for everything that he has done for you and what better way to do so than by picking out some of the best gifts for men over 60.
Picking out gifts for men is never easy and finding a gift that they would truly appreciate takes a lot of effort. Here, we try and pick out those gifts that your loved one will truly appreciate.

Great Presents for Men Over 60

When picking out gifts for men it is important that you always take into consideration those things that he is fond of and you know, has wanted for the longest time.
When choosing gifts for men over the age of 60, you will have to keep in mind that this is probably a point of time in his life where he can indulge in all those activities that he couldn't earlier. Buy him things that will help harbor these interests.
If he has always wanted to travel to a certain place, then gift him a vacation to that place or if that is not feasible then books and guides about that destination. Let us take a look at the unique gifts for men that you can buy.

Traveler's Kit

Does the person whom you want to give a gift to, love to travel? If yes, then one of the best gifts for men is a travel kit. Make this on your own and add all those things that you think he would want. Gift him a vacation to his favorite destination.
Or make a gift basket with things like a cabin case, a passport wallet, a rucksack (if he is the adventurous kind), travel guides, compass, etc. If he likes to rough it out, then add gifts that are perfect for the backpacker. If he is more of a luxury traveler, then give him a five star treatment.

Handyman Kit

While it may seem a little stereotypical, the fact remains that many men tend to take a more avid interest in woodworking, carpentry, gardening, and other such pastimes.
For such men, choose gifts like a handyman's tool box, carpentry books, gardening tools, etc. If the interest is a new one, you can also choose to sign them up for classes in a hobby of their interest. These can be some of the most awesome gifts for men.

Exercise and Sports Gear

With more time on their hand, many older people tend to develop an interest in exercising and rekindle their interest in their favorite sports of the past.
Gift him a gym membership; if he already has one then gift him a hamper of different things that he can use while exercising like an MP3 player, gym wear, workout gloves, etc.
If there is a specific sport or game that he is interested in, then you could get him accessories for the same like golf clubs for a golfer, or a bowling ball and shoes for a bowling aficionado. These can be some gifts for men over the age of 60.

DVD Collection

Is the person you are giving the gift to, a movie fanatic? If yes, find out who his favorite actors or filmmakers are. Give him a collection of their works, or a collection of DVDs of all his favorite movies.
If he is more of a television buff, then make a compilation of all his favorite shows. Another option for gift ideas that you can opt for is to get him DVDs with highlights of all those games that he has fond memories of.

Collection of Books

For an avid reader nothing can be better than a collection of his favorite books. Make an anthology of all the works of his favorite author.
Try and ensure that the books are the hardcover edition and not paperbacks. If you manage to get books which are first editions or have been signed by the author, then this could be a priceless gift for someone who loves reading. This is one of the good gifts for your father.

Personalized Gifts

While the options given earlier are great birthday gifts for men who are over the age of 60, for a special day like an anniversary give gifts that are a representation of your love for the person, especially if you are looking for gifts for men who have everything.
A ring with his initials or a personal message, his favorite perfume in a bottle especially made for him.
Photos from a time that has been long forgotten but remain counted amongst his favorite moments, a montage of video clippings from different periods in his life...are gifts that are sure to make him more than happy and euphoric.
These were just some of the gift ideas that you can use. Other than these, there are always omnipresent options like apparel, electronic gadgets, tickets for games, gift vouchers, etc.
When choosing gifts for men over 60, remember that the most important thing is to ensure that the gift has some meaning to the person you are giving it to. The thought that you put into a gift is what makes it more special.