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Crazily Impressive Gifts for Guys in Their 20s

Gifts for Guys in their 20s
There are a lot of things guys are fond of when they are in their 20s. If you think of it, do they ever grow up? While we women tend to have loads of options, it can be a little difficult to get a good gift that a guy will truly appreciate.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Feb 9, 2018
The good news is that (most) guys don't have any expectations like us girls when it comes to receiving gifts. You give them anything they like at any given occasion―or even if there is no occasion―they will be excited about it. When we pass this statement, we are thinking of the scene from the movie Sex and the City 2, when Carrie gives a vintage and engraved Rolex watch to Mr. Big―which he is obviously happy about―and gets disappointed when her gift is a new TV in their bedroom!
Having said that, the bad news is that "generally" the things that guys drool for are quite expensive. No, don't get worried if your budget is not of a Rolex or a TV! We're talking about gifts for guys in their 20s, missy. And while they wouldn't really mind the latest Rolex, if not the vintage one, or a TV for that matter, there are most definitely other options that would work just as fine. The following section gives you some essential advice on what you can pick for your 20-something guy.
Great Gift Ideas for Guys in Their Twenties
Before we spill the beans, we must clarify that the ideas listed below are not just confined to guys you are romantically involved with. A guy is a guy, be it your lover, brother, friend, colleague, or husband. Of course, your budget may go up and down depending upon the relationship you share with the guy, however, the following gift ideas will help you make a feasible choice.
Tickets to His Favorite Event
Tickets to event
Guys love events irrespective of their age, so a ticket to a movie, game, or a music concert can be one of the coolest gifts for him. Also, if there is a activity that he is really passionate about, such as car racing, boxing, gaming, comics, etc., it would be great to get him tickets to these events. You can get two tickets and accompany him yourself. Or, if you are not interested, you can get him an extra ticket to tag his bestie along. Tickets are not expensive and can fit into the budget.
Electronic Gadgets
Gadgets can be excellent gifts for guys of any age. A laptop, palmtop, notebook, music player, iPod, cell phone, or even a video game can bring a big smile on his face. If he is a gadget freak―which he is bound to be―and if your budget is that high, gift him a gadget he has been blabbering about ever since he's heard about its existence. He will surely be your slave for the rest of his life, unless you ask him to let go of his gadget!
Music cds
Giving him a music CD or a DVD of his favorite songs, or getting the entire songs of his favorite band, can be one of the most heart-touching gifts you could ever get him. You can even make a collection of all his favorite music and download it in his iPod. All guys love music, and this passion is at its peak during their twenties. So, this could be a great gift. The best part is that he will think about you every time he listens to it.
Men's accessories
Add to his love for accessories by gifting him something vogue-ish. Right from sunglasses to wrist watches to wallets to wristbands to army dog tags to Swiss knives, there are loads of options you can choose from. If he is already working or has plans to get a job soon, you can gift him cufflinks, formal shoes, a classy pen, his favorite perfume, and the like. Some men in their early 20s love hip-hop outfits, so that is another option you can consider.
formal shirt
A formal shirt of his favorite brand, a customized tee of his favorite sports team, a cool leather jacket, etc., are some gifts guys would love to have, provided you let them do the choosing―they don't really mind it actually. The reason why we are emphasizing on you letting them take a pick is because, according to most surveys, guys don't really like receiving clothes as gifts, if they are not chosen by them. Yup, that's how it is! So, keep this point in mind if you're thinking clothes.
man vacationing
20-something guys are mostly adventurous and love to hit the road when they get a chance. If you are good at it, plan a trip for him and his close ones (including yourself) to some adventurous place, somewhere he's never been before? If you aren't unsure of the venue, then you can always get him booked for some adventure sport activities that he is bound to enjoy―scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, rock climbing, trekking, biking, skydiving, etc., seem to be some good choices.
Gift Cards
gift card
While we women may not always appreciate getting these, they can never go amiss when it comes to guys! In fact, this seems to be one of the best option when you seem all boggled and confused when it comes to buying something for your finicky guy. Just getting him a gift card of his favorite shopping place would make him both happy and satisfied.
A Comfy Bean Bag
man on bean bag
What wouldn't a guy do to get enough time to just lay flat on his comfy bean bag and watch movies, or play video games all through the day! With so many patterns and designs available in the market, it wouldn't be hard to find a perfect match according to his taste.
Other Ideas
romantic meal
If he is the kind of guy who already has everything, personalized gifts are the best way to go. What makes them special is the fact that they cannot be purchased and will always be something new and unique. You could make a scrapbook or a collection of pictures on a PowerPoint presentation and gift it to him. Or, you could go for a personalized photo album, or a painting of his. If he is into cooking―grilling or barbecue―you can always get him a mini grill or some relevant item to accentuate this interest of his. Or, if he is the kind who appreciates more of eating than cooking, then you could surprise your guy by booking a table at his favorite restaurant or arranging for a guys night out with his friends. Cooking his favorite dish is a great way to say that you care.
Because we girls are very particular about the gifts we'd like to receive (well, most of us), we would want nothing but the perfect gift for the men in our lives. While we are certain of the fact that most of you must have already observed the likes and dislikes of the guy in question, we hope that the aforementioned ideas did help you to make your plan more concrete. All the best.
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