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Gifts for a Pregnant Wife

Neha Joshi Mar 2, 2019
Is your wife expecting? Want to gift her something special to make her day? Here are some amazing ideas that will help you gift something unique to your pregnant wife.
A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside, when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.
Pregnancy is one of the most cherished phases in a woman's life. In this phase, a woman goes through a lot of changes―physically and emotionally.
She not only deserves a lot of pampering, but also should be extremely happy throughout these nine months. One of the best ways to pamper her and make her happy at the same time, is to gift her something really unique and special. Want a tip? Gift her all of these, one by one, throughout the pregnancy.

A Record Album

This is one of the most special gifts you can gift to your wife when she is pregnant. Every expecting mother wants to record her journey of nine months, in her words.
Gift her a record album in which she can record her feelings, the changes that she experiences week by week, and the thoughts she can't share with anyone. These can be the first time she saw her baby during sonography, the first time she felt the baby move, the first time she felt the baby kick, etc.

A New Space

Start decorating one room in your home without bringing it to your wife's notice.
Paint the room yourself and decorate it with some amazing toys and spectacular gifts. Put up empty frames that will hold your kid's photographs in the coming future. Surprise her with this special gift and she surely will feel very overwhelmed and happy. Also, make sure the colors are of her choice.

A New Wardrobe

Once a woman reaches her 5th month of pregnancy, the variety of clothes she can wear reduce. You can buy her an entire wardrobe and surprise her one day with new clothes, new footwear, a perfume, and some new accessories.
She will feel great that you took such efforts and actually bought all this stuff for her. Nowadays, you get clothes for the mother and the baby that look exactly alike. Buy some of these too.

Journey Remembered

Make a scrapbook that holds memories right from the first day of her pregnancy to almost the last. They day you guys found out she's expecting, how her belly size started increasing slowly, the things you did together for the baby, and how you felt seeing her change. You can put in photographs and a small letter too. This is one gift she'll cherish forever.

Movies and Books

Pregnancy applies a lot of restrictions on women. This makes them stay more at home and many times, this leads to boredom.
To help her feel better, you can gift her an entire collection of movies and books that she might love watching and reading. Make sure they don't contain violent content. If you know her favorite genres, even better!
These were some unique gifts you can present to your pregnant wife. Cook for her once, have a small dinner date at home, and give the gift you have zeroed in on. The smile on her face, will be a million dollar one.