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Gift Ideas for Men Under 30

Sujata Iyer Feb 9, 2019
Gift ideas for men under 30 can be fun, unique, sentimental, and crazy all at once. Let us see some.
Getting the perfect gift for a man is very simple. The thing about giving gifts to men is that the money you spend on them does not really matter. It can be something as small as a key ring of his favorite football team or something as big as a car, the joy that he will feel will be the same (well, almost). It is definitely the thought that counts.
Here we'll give you some great ideas that you can use to gift any man who hasn't touched 30 yet.

A Day of Pampering

This one's on the top of the list because it is pure indulgence. Get an appointment for him at one of the best unisex salons in your city. Set him up for an entire day of pure pampering.
Beginning with a head and body massage and then moving on to a complete beauty treatment, facial, mani-pedi, the works. Everything that you know he will love. Then a glorious jacuzzi or bubble bath, whatever he wishes. Go pick him up at the end of the day and he'll be all rejuvenated and fresh, not to mention immensely grateful to you!

Movie Memorabilia

If you know which his favorite movie is, well and good. If you don't, then find out. Men always have this one particular movie that they're absolutely crazy about. And it's more often than not something to do with fantasy or science fiction.
What you can do is, scrounge around for all the original merchandise or memorabilia of that particular movie and gift it to him. You can browse online for sites which offer such stuff. He'll definitely be delighted that you put so much thought into getting the gift.

Meeting with Favorite Personality

There's got to be some person whom the guy in question admires and would love to meet. A sport person, an actor, a TV personality, anyone. For this idea, you'll need a lot of contacts though.
You'll have to somehow manage to get an appointment with the guy's favorite personality. Keep it a surprise. Ask him to join you for lunch or dinner and then ask the personality to join you after sometime. He'll be awestruck for sure!

Membership at a Club

Another awesome gift is a club membership. If the guy is into sports, it could be a sports club. If he is into books and literature, it could be a popular book club.
If he loves golf, horse riding, swimming, etc. you can get him a lifetime membership into a popular club that offers him all these activities. You could also get him a membership at his favorite restaurant or holiday club. He'll love it!


Another nice gift you can give is a tattoo. If he loves tattoos, but hasn't got one for himself yet, then ask him what his favorite design is. Be a little discreet about it though. Get the design from him and fix an appointment with a safe tattoo artist.
Surprise the guy by taking him there and telling him why. He'll be even more surprised when he sees that the artist already has the design that he wants!
Try out any of these ideas and you'll bring a smile on his face for sure. Have fun giving him these wonderful gifts.