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Gift Wrapping Techniques

Marian K Jan 23, 2019
Gift wrapping techniques range from very simple to complex, and sometimes it is all a little embellishing. Here are some ideas for you to try...
Buying (or making) thoughtful gifts for people is a great way to show them that you care. However, apart from the gift itself, the manner in which it is wrapped also says a fair deal about the attitude with which it is given.
Even if it is only possible for you to simply wrap it, ensure that it is done neatly. You can always stick on a little card and write down a genuine message, for as they say, 'love is in the details'.
Alternately if you like crafts, both you and the recipient will delight in fancy wrappings. There are a multitude of techniques that you can utilize to create these fancy wrappings. Try out the wonderful ones suggested here.

How to Wrap a Gift

All that goes into an attractive gift wrap is some pretty paper and ribbons. Beautifying ribbons can make all the difference, so visit a crafts store to pick up a selection. They can also help you make the wrapping occasion appropriate, such as a ribbon that reads 'Happy Birthday' or 'Merry Christmas'.
If you're short on time it is best to use a single colored wrapping paper and stripped ribbon. First wrap the gift and then secure the end of a length of ribbon to the bottom of a wrapped package with double-sided tape or glue.
Wind the ribbon around the box, and allow there to be a consistent inch of space between each loop. Finish by sticking the ribbon end underneath the box. You can use more than one ribbon, in different widths or colors.
Another way to add a special touch is to add a little object to the wrapping. It may be a bell or pine cone for a Christmas gift, or a shell or piece of coral for a person who loves the beach.
Add a sprig of dried flowers or a single orchid for someone who loves flowers. For a food item, tie on a bit of bow-tie pasta.
We will show you how to make a very pretty parcel by using the beautiful cards that you've received over the years. You can cut and paste illustrations from old greeting cards on plain brown paper bags and put the gifts into them.
You can also modify this idea by wrapping the gift in paper that has color but no print, and pasting the card illustration on the center of the top.
You can make your gift unique by using a quirky wrapping paper. One suggestion is to use the cartoon section from the newspaper. Another idea is to use a paper that has a personalized message printed on it, such as "Happy Birthday George" or "Jessy you are special".
Have this print run all over the paper. Another idea is to use a sheet from an old calendar, and encircle the persons birthday in red. If you are gifting someone books, wrap them in old subway or topographical maps.
A popular well used option is to use the purse shaped package. First wrap the present in tissue and then use a sheet of heavy, textured paper around it. A good option for the outer cover is piece of Japanese kozo paper or rice paper.
Fashion it like an envelope or purse around the present and run a satin ribbon to hold it close. These are some of the techniques that you can use. Once you start wrapping creatively, we're sure you'll come up with dozens of ideas of your own.