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Gift Wrapping Ideas

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 12, 2019
Gift wrapping is the best part about gifting. It is the part where a colorful adornments not only conceal a hand-picked surprise, but also unwrap an expression worth millions. Hence, it has to be done tastefully.
If we look out for the most different gifts, then why not gift wrap them differently too? Gift wrapping is as important as selecting the most appropriate gift. A well wrapped gift shows the person's efforts in personalizing the gift. A personalized gift, brings out the person's love and interest in gifting.
An artistically wrapped gift also sets the mood. You can gift wrap with various kinds of paper, materials such as lace, tulle, wool, myriad kinds of fabrics, and so on. The whole point of coming up with imaginative gift wrapping ideas, is to make the gift look aesthetically beautiful.


If your gifts are cylindrical in shape, then fabric is the best option. Say for instance, you are looking for a creative way to wrap a wine bottle, let's see how to work around fabric. Take a cloth piece, that is longer than length of the bottle. Hold one end of the cloth against the length of the bottle and warp it around.
See to it that even the bottom gets covered. Tie a thin woolen string around the neck of the bottle. We usually use those cards to address the gifts. Instead, dried leaves, flat shells, or the remaining part of the ribbon also makes great options to write the name of the person. Fabrics like tulle and satin work well for this kind of wrapping.

Cartoon Characters

Children absolutely love colorful attractive gifts. Cartoon characters are always a hit amongst little kids. Make a Barbie doll on the wrapped paper, with threads, sequins, toilet paper, sparkles, flannel pieces and so on. You can even get a wrapping paper printed with your favorite cartoon characters.

Gift Bags and Baskets

Some gifts can never be wrapped. For instance, baked goods, perfume bottles, a dress, and items that are delicate and fragile in nature. For gifts like these you need bags or baskets. For gifting baked goods, baskets are the best options.
The easiest way to do it is, arranging the baked items in the basket and wrapping a plastic foil around it. Then tie a ribbon (any color of your choice) around it, et voila, your present is ready to be presented! You will find numerous gift bags in malls. Just pick the most elegant one and place your gift in it. Attach a small note to it, and gift it away!


Boxes wrapped with ribbons have been used for gifting purposes since time immemorial.
Today, you can get these DIY kits for paper boxes, which catch the eye with their cute prints. Just place the gift in the box, tie a ribbon around it and the job is done. You also get these metallic boxes with locks and keys, which the person also can use later on.
So are you still looking for how to gift wrap a present? Hope these gift wrapping suggestions help you to make your gift look as pretty, as ever. Happy gifting!!