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Gift Tag Ideas

Aastha Dogra Feb 8, 2019
Just wrapping up a gift in cute wrappers is passe. Enter, gift tags. They can either be personalized, theme-based, seasonal, or anything you want them to be. We'll help you to get started by listing down a few ideas that are creative as well as practical. Take a cue.
If wrapped well and presented with heartiest wishes, even the smallest of gifts can look amazing and make the person feel valued. Although, most of us pay great attention to gift wrapping, when it comes to gift tags, we use the same white rectangle ones available in the market.
Otherwise, download some free printable ones from the Internet, which by the way anyone and everyone does! Little do we realize that by being a little more creative, we can make some awesome ones right at home! Here are some unique ideas.


Gather a few different kinds of leaves. Keep each one on a card stock paper and outline the boundaries with a pencil. Now, cut the paper along the outline with scissors.
To make it more realistic, draw the leaf veins and midrib on one side and color it green. Write your message or a wish on the other side. And voila! You have a leafy green gift tag ready! It would be perfect for all the nature lovers in your friends and family!


Take colored foam of three colors and make one and a half inches flowers with it. Paste these flowers on the gift such that they look like a small garland. Write the person's name and your message in it's center. This is a good choice for anniversary or wedding gifts. If the couple is close to you, stick a small photograph of them along with their names!


Another unique idea is to cut card stock paper in the shape of a star. Decorate it with multicolored beads, rhinestones, stickers, and sequins.
You can even write the person's name using the same things. This starry gift tag is a perfect choice for a teen girl to make her feel like a princess!


Make them like bookmarks. Start by cutting a card stock paper into a rectangle of size eight inches by two inches. Next, punch a hole on the top. With multicolored markers, draw a number of small geometric shapes on it.
In the end, take a woolen thread, put it across the hole and tie its ends into a knot. These are great for kids as they would be thrilled at receiving not one, but two gifts!


If you want to come up with something romantic, then this one fits the bill perfectly. Take red colored felt and cut it in the shape of a heart.
Next, sew a white lace all around the heart, at the boundaries. In the middle of the heart, write "Be Mine" by cutting alphabets from a white ribbon and then pasting them onto the felt!


A fun way to create holiday gift tags is to give them the shape of your hand. If it's a kid's hand, even better, because then you will have them in the perfect size! Start with keeping the hand on a card stock paper.
Draw the outline with a pencil and cut it out of the paper. Write your message on the "palm". On the "fingertips", make five small faces by adding eyes, nose, and lips to each of them! This is perfect for Christmas gifts, especially those that are meant for the children.
This gesture shows that the person is special for you. So, if you want to make your gift stand out from the rest, use any of these unique gift ideas and create gift tags for your special ones yourself!