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Truly Enthralling Gift Ideas for Space Lovers

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Got a friend who loves all things astronomy? Then gift your space fanatic friend presents that will amaze him. Stuff that will not only encourage him to pursue his passion about the celestial world, but also display his passion and love proudly.
Jhulin Bihari
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
The love for space and astronomy is not restricted to any particular age group. Sometimes, these space lovers can be easily spotted, right from their apparel to room decor, you are sure to find signs and themes related to space and astronomy.

If you happen to be the best buddy of one such individual, then here are some gift ideas for space lovers.
galaxy themed tees
You can gift your space-lover friend tees, pullovers, scarves, socks, and beanie with customized space images. You can pick any of these apparel having prints of the galaxy or constellations.
globe shaped paperweight
globe shaped paperweight
On special occasions, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can gift your astronomy-loving buddy planet-shaped or miniature Earth paperweights. This will absolutely make their day.
necklace and bracelets with space themes
You can present your friend accessories like earrings, bracelets, lockets, and pendants. These can be in the shape of planets, stars, and moon.
space themed home decor
Home Decor
If your friend loves to decorate her room in a galaxy theme, you can pitch in. Gifting her home decor objects like galaxy-themed wall paintings, crescent moon wall hangings, star-shaped table lamps, and star-shaped cushions.
telescope for watching the space
Surprise your friend by gifting him a telescope. This will make him so happy, for he can explore the entire outer space to his heart content right from the comforts of his home.
ticket for visiting planetarium
Gift your space-lover friend tickets to the space museum or space center. You can even accompany them and plan a trip to the nearest planetarium.
space related books
Cheer up your space enthusiast friend by gifting her books on astronomy or rockets or space exploration. She is sure to enjoy it and thank you no end.
space DVD
Gift space-themed movie DVDs. You can even get some informative DVDs, and you guys can watch them together.
space printed coffee mugs
For an astronomy enthusiast, it would please him no end to sip coffee from a space-themed mug. So, gift one to your beloved space lover pal. Pick up mugs which have space themes printed on it and let your friend start the day with warm coffee in a "space mug".
space related things printed on fridge magnets
Fridge Magnets
Help your friend decorate his fridge with space-themed magnets. Voila! The entire fridge will look like a galaxy itself.
white Telescope
Telescope on stand isolated on white background. 3d rendering
Stars pillow