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9 Pleasantly Amusing Gift Ideas for Movie Buffs

Sujata Iyer Mar 14, 2019
Lights! Camera! Action! Three words that any true movie fan lives for! Thanks to this, it becomes that much easier to look for gifts for them. Here are some gift ideas for true movie buffs.
"Pain is temporary, film is forever!"― John Milius
For some people, movies are just a way of breaking the monotony of everyday life and doing something refreshing. For others, everything they do is about cinema.
From holding weekly movie marathons to quoting characters whenever the occasion presents itself, it's these people who love cinema so ardently that they cannot imagine their lives without it; so much so that even you cannot imagine their lives without it.
Just for these movie buffs, here's our hand-picked assortment of gift ideas. They range from totally-doable to slightly over-the-top to really-need-to-go-out-on-the-proverbial-limb.
*Here, the recipient of the gift has been assumed to be male solely for convenience of writing. The gift ideas mentioned here are suitable for both genders.

Movie Gift Basket

A movie basket is one of the easiest gifts to put together.
It's simple, practical and definitely something that any hard-core movie fan will appreciate. Just throw together some movie DVDs (that he likes), packs of popcorn (unpopped, duh!), 3D glasses (for the sci-fi freak), a box of tissues (for the sentimental ones) and anything else that you think will further enhance the package. You'll never go wrong with this!

Clothes and Stuff

I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good. May the force be with you. You had me at hello.
These are just some lines from movies that have found their way onto t-shirts, pillows, coasters, stationery, and other items. There are loads of such lines, images, objects, etc., that have attained cult status simply because they were a part of epic movies. What better can you give to a movie fan than something that constantly reminds him of this?
So, pick up a line or a picture that you think he will most identify with, and have it painted/ embossed/ printed/ engraved on an object that he might use on a daily basis. Perfect!

Favorite Movie Merchandise

This is an extension of the previous one. Gift this movie fanatic official merchandise of his favorite movie!
The market is full of such stuff. In fact, merchandise is one of the biggies when it comes to promotion expenditure of movies. Check out the official websites of the movies or the distributors for details about where to purchase them. There are also a lot of gift websites that sell such stuff. So, compare and pick the one that fits your budget perfectly.

Movie Poster

Nothing spells movie fever like posters! One of the best gifts is a movie poster that he totally loves! You can roll it up with a neat little bow or have it framed to enhance its regal presence.
How do you get one? Let's see. Here are your options: you could visit a cinema hall and inquire if they have old posters; or you could check out online stores that sell slightly modified recreations of posters. If none of these work, you could always have an artist reproduce one for you.

Passes for a Film Festival

Film festivals are the best way to celebrate movies. And every cinema fan knows this.
So, if you want to do something exceptionally awesome, how about getting passes for a fancy-schmancy film festival? If there's one running in your town/city currently, then you're already halfway there.
If there's nothing on currently, but in the near (or not so near) future, get hold of passes ASAP. If film festivals don't happen in your city/town, get weekend passes to one that's in a town nearby.

Collector's Edition(s)

There are movie box sets that every average movie lover owns, and then there are sets that only few ones own.
Find out what his favorite movie series is, and then scrounge around for a collector's/ limited/special edition of it. It's not easy to get hold of these, and they're definitely not very kind on the pocket. But once he lays his eyes on them, he'll feel that rush and pride that only a true fan does. And you'll know that it was all worth it.


If he is a movie buff, he's sure to have a favorite actor/actress/director/comedian/writer or all of these.
If you know someone from the movie business, an autograph from any of the above will be a dream come true for him! Or you could take the easier (but more expensive) way out and purchase autographed memorabilia of these people. Whatever you choose, see to it that it's an original.

Unseen Footage

You know what's sometimes better than watching a movie you love? Watching the making of the movie.
If you know that your friend is one of those who can spend hours and hours watching videos related to his favorite movies and actors, then this idea will totally thrill him! Try to get your hands on the original footage of a movie during its production.
There's loads of such stuff on the Internet. Behind-the-scenes action, interviews, deleted scenes, goof-ups, pranks, on-set accidents; movie buffs live for such stuff. Compile it all in a CD and gift it to him.

Movie-centric Furniture

A movie can be thoroughly enjoyed only if you're comfortable while watching it. And nothing spells comfort better than a great chair to sit in! If you're willing to go a little crazy, you can hunt down some exceptionally comfortable chairs as gifts.
Bean bags, recliners, and rocking chairs are the favorites. But the ultimate cinema-themed chair will definitely be a director's chair like the one shown here.