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Incredible Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers

Uttara Manohar Sep 29, 2018
Got a friend who loves horses or horse rides? With these gift ideas for horse lovers, you'll be presenting your friend not just a thoughtful gift, but with something that he/she will cherish forever.
A gift is a simple gesture that expresses our feelings and gives you a chance to tell people how much they are loved and appreciated. It is always a very thoughtful gesture to buy a gift that is related to a person's interests or hobbies.
There are many people who are fascinated by horses. They may be motivated by the strength, grace, and power that these animals portray. The following are some meaningful gift ideas for such horse lovers.

Activities and Trips

A horse lover is very likely to enjoy a day at the racecourse. Buying tickets to an event involving horses will be a thoughtful gesture. In addition to this, you can also arrange for polo or horseback riding lessons which are fun gift ideas to sign them up for.

Movies and Books

Over the years there have been many movies and books that concern horses. Horse lover love such movies and books. Select the ones that have a collection of horse pictures, information about breeds, and so on.
You can go for popular flicks like Seabiscuit, Spirit, The Black Stallion, Black Beauty, National Velvet, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broke, Phar Lap, Horse in Gray Flannel Suit, Danny, Lightening, The White Stallion and so on. These movies and books can be a great keepsake collection.

Watches and Jewelry

These ideas are great if the person wears watches and/or jewelry. Right from horseshoe earrings and charm bracelets to horseshoe diamond-studded pendants and rings, you can get a wide variety of horse-related jewelry (custom-made too).
You can also find a wide variety of watches that have the horse theme incorporated in some or the other way. There are watches with pictures of horse printed on the dial or even has a dial shaped like a horseshoe.

Paintings and Keepsakes

Oil paintings, pencil sketches, and framed art portraying horses are beautiful gifts to give a friend. People who love horses, generally like to have paintings and sketches of horses in their homes.
In case your friend owns his/her own horse, you can make the gift really special by getting a personalized sketch or painting of their horse.
In addition to this, you can have numerous keepsakes, which have been designed with horses as the central theme.